Bryan Hennessey

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Bryan Hennessey

Bryan Hennessey

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MA, LMFT)

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Bryan will work alongside you to help you build and maintain a life that’s both satisfying and meaningful. Bryan understands that you’re coming to therapy because you’ve been challenged by life in some way. As your therapist, Bryan will listen and understand the unique obstacles you’re facing, and will work alongside you to offer care as well as support. Whenever possible, Bryan will search (with you) for opportunities to foster kindness and support long-term growth.

Whether you’re an individual, couple, or family Bryan will assist with navigating transitions to life’s struggles.

Bryan’s therapeutic approach will focus on your strengths and what works best for you. You won’t be seen as a problem or as someone trapped by adversity. Instead, Bryan will work with you to learn more about where you’ve come from, what’s going on for you now, and help create hope for the future.

Bryan is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with over fifteen years of experience counseling clients. As a Veteran of the United States Armed Forces and Therapist, Bryan’s dedicated his entire professional career to civil service. Bryan very much looks forward to meeting you.