Heart Centered Counselors Announces the Opening of New Littleton, Colorado Counseling Office

Posted By: on June 22, 2018
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Littleton, United States - Today’s lifestyles are busy and hectic and yet life still goes on filled with challenges, heartbreak, and trying circumstances. As a result, people often need help in coping with all life’s complications and crises. Whether facing depression, grief, anxiety, or any type of emotional distress, the professional, caring counselors at Heart Centered Counseling are available to help their clients navigate life’s overwhelming and often seemingly out of control circumst

The Emergence of Tele-therapy Through Video Conferencing

Posted By: on June 11, 2018
Is This New Form of Counseling Right for You and Your Life? In recent years, the media and the internet have given a lot more attention to a new way for counselors to connect with their patients: tele-therapy. But is video conferencing really an effective way of helping people work through their psychological and emotional troubles? In this article, we present a general overview that you may find useful. Why Therapy is Important A good counselor can help you address the underlying issues t

Tele-Psychiatry and How It Can Help You

Posted By: on May 29, 2018
Remote Psychiatry Services Can Help Patients Overcome Challenges to Healing Technology has changed our world in a wide range of meaningful ways. Our methods of working, playing, and communicating have all been changed by social media, smartphones, email, and mobile apps, for example. These changes have had both positive and negative effects. For example, while they have brought us closer together because of their convenient way of facilitating communication, they have also encouraged people to

The “Silent Crisis” of Men’s Mental Health

Posted By: on April 05, 2018
Why Men’s Mental Health is Often Ignored -- And What You Can Do About It In recent years, there have been healthy discussions about gender stereotypes and the effect that they have on our mental health. One harmful stereotype is how men repress their emotions. Men are told all their lives that expressing emotion and/or asking for help are somehow inherently un-masculine. Far too many guys are missing out on the mental health support that they so badly need. Here are a few steps that you can t

Breaking the Link Between Mental Health Issues and Loneliness

Posted By: on March 21, 2018
lonely man sitting in field with dog
There’s No Need to Be Ashamed of Your Mental Health Problems! If your mental health issues sometimes lead to strong feelings of shame or a desire to isolate yourself from others, you’re not alone. A number of important clinical studies have shown a strong link between mental health trouble and loneliness -- two problems that tend to compound one another. Getting out of your comfort zone and connecting with other people isn’t easy when you’re caught in the midst of depression or anxie

Signs of Depression: When It’s Time to Get Help

Posted By: on March 07, 2018
  Everyone goes through ups and downs in their life. Sadness is an emotion that everyone feels and many people struggle with situational sadness, which is often temporary and eventually passes. Clinical depression is completely different. Depression is often persistent and is not necessarily caused by situations. Common Signs That You Have Depression Depression is treatable with the right help and support. Here are some signs that you have depression and you should seek support: -

Look at Me: Learning to Share our Vulnerable Selves with the People that Love Us

Posted By: on February 21, 2018
Opening yourself up to another person can be intimidating. You may feel that they may not accept all of the things in your life - or your past - that you may hide from most people. In order to strengthen relationships you’ve created, you can consider becoming more genuine with the people that you know love you. When you know each other’s vulnerable selves, you can accept and love each other unconditionally. Understand How Open You Want to Be If you know that you are going to have an open a

Overcoming the Destructive Inner Critic

Posted By: on February 07, 2018
We are often more critical of ourselves than we are of other people. That inner critic can completely destroy your self-esteem and any confidence that you have in yourself. Overcoming those doubts and criticism is needed to help you reach your goals in life. Here are some simple things that you can do to overcome your inner critic. Keep Doing What You’re Good At If there activities or things that you know that you are good at, keep doing them! Doing something that you love can give your se

Learning How to Argue in Relationship

Posted By: on January 24, 2018
  Disagreements in any relationship are inevitable, and that’s okay. Arguments tend to have a bad connotation, but arguments are not always bad things. If you are arguing with someone, that means that you care about that person enough to keep talking with them even through your disagree. Here are some ways to argue so that you are creating connections and not chaos. Be Honest, but Not Cruel Whenever we argue, people often say things that they don’t mean in the heat of an argume

Recognizing Our Addictive Patterns and How We Can Overcome Them

Posted By: on January 10, 2018
Everyone has habits in their lives that they are either ashamed of or they feel that they need to stop. Whether it is an addiction to gambling, sex, work, substance abuse, shopping, or overeating, these addictive habits can make you become unhealthy and unhappy throughout life. It’s important to understand the habits that you have in your life and find ways to overcome them. Understanding Your Addiction Not only is it important for you to realize you have an addiction, but to understand