Learning How to Argue in Relationship

Posted By: on January 24, 2018
  Disagreements in any relationship are inevitable, and that’s okay. Arguments tend to have a bad connotation, but arguments are not always bad things. If you are arguing with someone, that means that you care about that person enough to keep talking with them even through your disagree. Here are some ways to argue so that you are creating connections and not chaos. Be Honest, but Not Cruel Whenever we argue, people often say things that they don’t mean in the heat of an argume

Recognizing Our Addictive Patterns and How We Can Overcome Them

Posted By: on January 10, 2018
Everyone has habits in their lives that they are either ashamed of or they feel that they need to stop. Whether it is an addiction to gambling, sex, work, substance abuse, shopping, or overeating, these addictive habits can make you become unhealthy and unhappy throughout life. It’s important to understand the habits that you have in your life and find ways to overcome them. Understanding Your Addiction Not only is it important for you to realize you have an addiction, but to understand

Reasons Why New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work and How to Change This

Posted By: on December 27, 2017
New year’s is a good time to reflect on the past year and see how you want to change in the New Year. Many people decide that they wish to create resolutions so that they have goals they want to reach. Often, people start strong, sticking to their plan, but by the end of January, February or March, we may have fallen back into our old habits. Here are ways that you can make your resolutions a success this year. Create Realistic Resolutions Whenever you create goals for yourself, it’s i

Ways that You Can Ease Depression and Sadness During the Holidays

Posted By: on December 13, 2017
The holiday season is not always the easiest for everyone. We begin to remember people who we have lost or happy times that we can never return to. If the year has not been a pleasant one, we can feel disappointed in ourselves. There is also this pressure to feel joyous, but that only makes the season more difficult when you are dealing with depression or sadness. Here are some ways that you can work to ease your struggles during the holiday season. Don’t Feel the Need to Be Happy All the T

Bringing Comfort to Yourself

Posted By: on November 29, 2017
It’s healthy to rely on spending time with others to help us feel connected and  happy. However, sometimes, when we are by ourselves, we tend to feel sad and lonely instead of simply being content. There are times when we are going to have to be in solitude and during these times, we need to learn how to be happy and confident with whom we are when we are not around anyone else. Just Because You Are Alone Does Not Mean You’re Lonely Times of solitude give us the chance to step back and re

Doing What is Restorative, Rather Than Escaping

Posted By: on November 22, 2017
 Relationships can get complicated and difficult and during rough times it can be tempting to avoid or escape people rather than work to restore relationships. Restoring these relationships is not easy, but it is necessary for your social health. There are certain things that you can do in your life to help you restore your relationships rather than sabotage them by escaping from them. Take Some Time to Calm Down If someone you love has seriously angered you, you may want to take a little bi

How to Regulate when Life Changes Quickly Around You

Posted By: on November 08, 2017
Change can be a scary thing in anyone’s life. Heading into a new chapter in life that you did not expect can make you feel uneasy about life and unsure about yourself. While you cannot change what happens to you and you cannot change other people’s choices, you can change your reactions to unwanted changes in life. Accepting change and understanding how to respond to unexpected change can make life easier. Analyze the Change in Your Life and How It Will Affect You When you are in th

Don’t Believe that You Need to Be “Fixed”, Because You Are Not Broken

Posted By: on October 25, 2017
When it comes to how we see ourselves, many people think they are somehow broken. Something is wrong with them and the way that they think, and no one has the same issues that they do. This line of thought is not only isolating, but it can be extremely damaging. When it comes to therapy, it isn’t about “fixing” our patients. It is about providing them support and insight into the way that they think and how that affects their lives. Therapy’s Purpose is the Provide Insight Of cours

Is Psychotherapy Effective?

Posted By: on October 11, 2017
If you are going to take the time and effort to invest in therapy, you want to have the confidence to know that it is going to be effective. Of course, when it comes to mental health, the effectiveness of treatment can be subjective and difficult to measure. However, many people have discovered the benefits of psychotherapy to help them in their lives. These are some of the reasons why psychotherapy can be effective. It Can Give You a New Perspective Taking an hour out of your week to talk

Realizing that We Matter and Understanding Our Influence

Posted By: on September 27, 2017
We live on a planet that contains over 7 billion people. When there are that many people in the world, you can feel lost in the shuffle. It may seem like you don’t really matter. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Every single person matters, you have a much larger sphere of influence than you may realize. It is important that you understand how much matter to other people and how many people care about who you are. Your Personal Sphere of Influence Take some time to look at your c