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Christine Bettridge

Christine Bettridge

Licensed Professional Counselor (MA, LPC)

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When you first meet Christine, you’ll be touched by her compassion and inspired by her belief in you. In a safe, encouraging environment, Christine will assist you in reclaiming well-being within yourself and in all your relationships.

With over seventeen years experience in private practice, Christine brings more than just a variety of therapeutic approaches — she brings with her an ability to be deeply present, and a knack for guiding you seamlessly in your journey to wholeness. You’ll find yourself guided by Christineʼs innate knowledge of mindfulness, attachment styles, person centered therapy and family systems therapy, which she blends seamlessly to meet your specific needs.

Christine’s ability to be attuned with you throughout your therapeutic journey will give you hope quickly, and you’ll feel a sense of inspiration. Within a few sessions, you’ll begin to benefit from a series of small shifts that branch together to create greater ease and functioning in the many arenas of your life.

Training and Experience

Christine received her Master’s degree in Agency Counseling (now called Clinical Counseling), with an emphasis in marriage and family therapy, at the University of Northern Colorado. She has since completed a number of important trainings — including EMDR — which she uses both for offering relief from past traumas and to reduce anxiety in a number of areas (such as public speaking or sports performance).

More recently, Christine’s passion in her work with couples inspired her to receive training in the PACT (Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy) model. The PACT model allows each partner to calm those parts of the brain that get stimulated in conflict, allowing couples to get through conflict with care instead of chaos. This model also teaches couples how to soothe and inspire each other, allowing each partner to stay connected to one another.

Lastly, Christine also has experience as a family therapist with a county agency; counseling victims of violence; and teaching psychology at the college level.