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Eva M. Ward

Licensed Professional Counselor ( MS, LPC)

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Life brings unique challenges to each of us. Eva understands that it’s not easy to adjust, face, and heal from the changes and losses in our lives.
With Eva, you’ll find yourself in caring and experienced hands: Eva has been licensed in four states, working as a psychotherapist since 1998. She’ll put her near-20 years of experience to work for you, supporting your ability to heal and move forward in the directions you choose. No matter where you are in your journey, Eva wants to come along side you and provide insight, support, and caring.

You notice right away that Eva loves being a counselor. Her style is honest and compassionate, and she’ll adapt to your personality to offer you the best therapeutic support. Her respect for you as an individual and her belief that you have immeasurable worth will remind you of your unique value in this world.

Eva works with children, adults, couples, and families. One of Eva’s areas of expertise comes from having spent half of her practice working with veterans and abuse survivors diagnosed with PTSD: She is well acquainted with the struggle to surmount past tragedies. Adjusting to the losses of life, whether death of a loved one, relationships, careers, health, or financial circumstances is a grieving process, and it is one we sometimes try to avoid. Eva can help you face, process, and find meaning in these losses so that you can move forward into your future with hope.