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Kirsten Kloock

Kirsten Kloock

Licensed Psychologist (Psy.D.)

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Dr. Kirsten Kloock, Licensed Psychologist, provides a warm, collaborative environment where she helps all her clients reclaim their well-being and their smile. Kirsten is experienced working with adolescents, their families, individuals of all ages, and couples. Kirsten balances her clinical experience with her sense of play and fun, as she guides her clients on the journey toward recovery. Kirsten describes her passion in life as helping people and relationships grow and thrive.

Kirsten is also experienced in psychological and forensic assessment. Her skills include assessment of children and adults in general diagnosis, developmental delays (such as learning disorders and autism), ADHD, sexual adjustment (psychosexual evaluations), cognitive functioning, and personality functioning. She also performs custody evaluations and other forensic assessment for family court. Kirsten is also experienced performing pre-employment and pre-surgical screenings.