Marcie Mata

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Marcie Mata

Marcie Mata

Licensed Psychotherapist (LPC, CAC II)

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Marcie, in a supportive atmosphere of warmth and compassion, will guide you to the healthy and productive life you deserve. If you’re struggling with addiction, Marcie leverages her expertise as a Certified Addictions Counselor to support your healing and recovery. If you’re experiencing anxiety, Marcie uses her training in mindfulness and relaxation to teach you coping skills that offer permanent relief. If you’re weighed down by trauma, Marcie’s experience as a trained EMDR therapist will get you the relief you’ve been waiting for. Whatever troubles you, Marcie will partner with you, and, in a supportive environment, lead you to the positive life changes you deserve.

Marcie works with teens, individuals, and couples, helping them recover their joy for life. Marcie understands that life’s challenges often show up internally – in our felt experience of ourselves – and externally, in our relationships with partners, children, parents, friends, or in our work life. Sometimes, it’s simply too much. If you’re ready for support to meaningfully navigate life, Marcie will guide you on your way, all the while honoring and caring for you.

Marcie’s Clinical Training and Experience

Marcie is a Licensed Professional Counselor. She completed undergraduate training at Colorado State University and her graduate training at Regis University, where she earned her Masters in Counseling Psychology. Marcie is also trained in EMDR level II and received her Certified Addictions Counselor Certificate level II.