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Rena McDonell

Licensed Professional Counselor (MS,LPC)

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Rena is an empathic, open minded and intuitive clinician with over eight years of experience. She uses an eclectic and balanced approach to help you overcome a variety of challenges such as chemical dependency, trauma, heartbreak, and attachment wounds. She believes that each of us has the innate ability to heal ourselves and to grow.

Rena is trained in EMDR, EFT, expressive arts, yoga as therapy, mindfulness, creative writing and other modalities to work with individuals and groups for long term recovery and healing. She will guide you at a pace that feels comfortable and safe. When you work with Rena she will assist you in learning new tools for self soothing, emotional regulation, self knowledge, and long term healing. She will guide you through the symptoms as well as the roots of what hurts.

Those who come to counseling are often resilient, perceptive, and courageous. Rena believes in meeting you where you are and working with you in an individualized and personal way. Whether you are recovering from a recent crisis or a long term wound, Rena believes you will be able to find a safe place to heal with her at Heart Centered Counseling.

Some of Rena’s specialities include: long term healing from traumatic experiences, healing with EMDR and EFT, heart break, the use of art, creative writing and yoga in therapy, depression, anxiety, substance abuse and recovery, long term stress, relationship strain, self care and nurturing, existential therapy, and insight techniques for deep healing.


Rena is a licensed professional counselor in the states of Alaska and Colorado. She was born and raised in rural Alaska.
Rena has over eight years of experience including work with adolescents and family systems as well as Alaska Native individuals seeking recovery from complex intergenerational trauma and substance abuse recovery. She received a Bachelor’s of Arts from the University of Alaska in Psychology and Philosophy and a Master’s of Science in Counseling Psychology from Alaska Pacific University. She is trained in EMDR, is a certified chemical dependency counselor, has experiences in expressive art techniques and is a certified yoga teacher.