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Sarah Breseke

Licensed Professional Counselor (Ph.D., LPC)

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When you meet with Sarah, you’ll feel accepted and respected as an individual. She believes that dealing with difficult emotions and stressful situations is a challenging part of life, and that all individuals can gain the resources needed to overcome these struggles. She also believes that a trusting relationship with a therapist can be the foundation for both understanding and transforming these difficulties.

Sarah has worked for fifteen years as a psychotherapist with individuals, groups and families. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in medieval and renaissance studies from the University of Michigan, she completed a master’s degree in somatic psychology at Naropa University in Boulder Colorado. She then worked for several years as a counselor, and followed that with a return to school to complete a doctorate in Counseling Psychology, in order to deepen her understanding of therapeutic work.

Sarah has recently completed a doctoral internship at the VA in Cheyenne Wyoming, and prior to that worked with combat Veterans at the Vet Center in Ft Collins for two years. She has also worked with college students and in substance abuse treatment centers and community mental health centers. She has trained in a number of therapeutic methods, from cognitive behavioral work, to interpersonal psychotherapies and creative arts therapies. Most recently she has focused on trauma work, receiving training in Prolonged Exposure and Cognitive Processing Therapies.