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Allison Woods

Licensed Professional Counselor (MA, LPC)

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As you get to know Allison and work with her, you will know that she is there for you. You’ll know this through her ability to be deeply present with you, her curiosity about you, her genuine way of talking with you, and through time: the clarity you develop together about how you’re proceeding in your life and where you want to go.

You’ll experience kindness and gentle honesty – because you deserve it and because a part of therapy can be learning how to treat yourself with more patience and compassion. Allison works with individuals (preteens, teens, adults, and senior adults), couples, and families. She believes that having a caring, collaborative, and lively relationship is the foundation of therapy. She also understands that this kind of strong, open relationship takes time and a lot of courage to build; many of us enter therapy because we’re longing for connection and have been disappointed in the past. With Allison, you’ll be able to experience and try out ways of relating that you can then bring out into life beyond therapy.

Together, you’ll be able to identify your strengths and areas for growth. Through different clinical methods, Allison will help you become more aware of the habitual patterns of your mind, your heart, and body so that you can decide which patterns to keep and where, possibly, to change course.

If it’s of interest to you, Allison will also support your process of finding meaning in what you’ve experienced in your life, where you are now, and where you’re heading.

Allison has ten years of experience as a therapist in a university and public health setting. She has over fifteen years of experience in non-profit and educational environments, which eventually led to her desire to become a therapist. She has a B.A. in English from Princeton University and a Master’s in Counseling Psychology from the University of Colorado Denver.