Analyzing Your Anger

Episodes of anger are perfectly normal for all of us, and they may be in response to a certain situation, or may arise due to an argument over something in which we feel passionate about. However, frequent bouts of anger or episodes in which the anger is uncontrollable, may may indicate that we need to analyze our feelings better and work towards reducing the level or frequency of our anger.


What is anger?

Anger is an emotion or feeling, and when communicated thoughtfully, does not usually cause others to feel attacked. However, expressing anger poorly (aggressively) in behavior and words can certainly be harmful to others and may even lead to physical anger and arguments. The sooner we learn to understand and accept that our emotions belong to us and that can learn how to best express them, the better we can limit any harmful or upsetting repercussions.


How can anger be managed?

Managing anger may be easier for some than for others, and we can either manage the situation we’re in that is making us angry, or we can manage our responses to such a strong emotion. If you’re frequently finding yourself in situations that are out of your control, then you may need to work on addressing your emotional responses.

There are a few ways in which you can learn to control your emotions, particularly anger, and meditation, self-awareness and other cognitive practices can be immensely helpful. For those who are not keen on such forms of therapy though, it may be prudent to try and shift the focus, from managing our emotions, to managing our emotional responses. If we decide that the behaviors we frequently display when we’re feeling angry are not conducive to peace and harmony, then we can to try and change them.


When do you need to worry about your anger?

Knowing when your anger may be something to worry about is not always easy, and some may wish to address and analyze their anger irrespective of whether it’s causing problems in their life.

But if you feel angry every day, or are struggling to control your anger when in certain situations and find that your behavior is harming others, then it might be time to talk to a qualified therapist.


Anger is a normal emotion, just like happiness and sadness, but when our emotional expressions begin to impact our lives in a negative way, then we need to thoughtfully address the issue.