Are You Stuck In A Cycle Of Negativity?

It’s not uncommon for a person’s perception of themselves to be entirely different to that of those around them, and without even realizing it, they could be stuck in a cycle of negativity. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t know themselves very well, they’re just not recognizing the symptoms of negativity that they may be displaying, or may have trouble facing them.

Here are some ways to increase your awareness of negativity:

Do you dwell on past failures?

Precious few of us will avoid having some bad things happen over the course of our lives, but it’s important to learn from them and move forward. Continually going over and critiquing past failures can create a cycle of negativity and unhappiness.

Is gossiping about others a favourite pastime?

It may seem a harmless thing, to gossip about others, but it can signify that you’re harboring negative thoughts and feelings about yourself. If you find yourself often criticizing people or being overly judgmental, then you may benefit from addressing this, as you’re likely doing to yourself what you’re doing to others.

How easily do you accept compliments?

You may struggle to accept compliments. Instead of being pleased that others are congratulating you for something, you might become a picture of modesty and undercut your own efforts without even realizing it. Learning to accept a compliment and thank others for their kind words, is not always easy, but if you’re to share in the joy of your achievements, you’ll want to learn to accept and take in kind words.

Do you automatically see the negative in everything?

If your mind has gotten into the habit of picking things apart and seeing only the negative, then it’s likely that these thoughts will transgress into your inner life and also reflect upon how you communicate with others. What you say in your head is equally as important as what you choose to say out loud, and learning to hear and find a caring way through your negative thoughts is important in feeling happiness and a sense of success.

If you’re stuck in a cycle of negativity, it can affect your mood and your health, and addressing this will help you to truly love yourself and those around you. Having consistently critical thoughts can take its toll by inducing tension and perpetuating anxiety and stress hormone production. Over time your blood pressure may become raised and your muscles turn into knots, and your social, romantic and work life may begin to suffer. Be honest about the way you see yourself and those around you, and try talking to a qualified counselor if you believe that you may be stuck in a harmful cycle of  negativity.

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