Bringing Comfort to Yourself

It’s healthy to rely on spending time with others to help us feel connected and  happy. However, sometimes, when we are by ourselves, we tend to feel sad and lonely instead of simply being content. There are times when we are going to have to be in solitude and during these times, we need to learn how to be happy and confident with whom we are when we are not around anyone else.

Just Because You Are Alone Does Not Mean You’re Lonely

Times of solitude give us the chance to step back and reflect on our life. They give us the necessary time to slow down and truly relax. It’s good to have these times of solitude when you can discover who you really are and just be happy with yourself. It’s important that you do not just fill times of solitude with noisy distractions, but you really take the time to just be happy with yourself.

Take Some Time to Do What You Love

When you are alone, you have the chance to go and do things that you enjoy. Perhaps you have a hobby that still gives you the ability to reflect on yourself, such as baking, knitting, or woodworking. Improving these skills during your alone time can help you feel content about what you can do on your own.

Learning to be Self-Confident

Of course, spending time with others is important and it is good to be social. However, we should not rely on others as the only way to find fulfillment in our lives. It’s important for each of us to feel self-confident. If you struggle with self-confidence, you may want to discuss this with your counselor. Your counselor can work with you to help you understand why you feel this way and what you can do to help you feel happier when you are by yourself.