The Difference Between Doing It Badly and Feeling Bad and How to Use That to Help Yourself

Life is about lessons. One tip to surviving its ups and downs is to know the difference between doing it badly and feeling bad. One you have less control over and the other you have more control over.

Experiences are Great Teachers

Doing something badly does not necessarily mean that you feel bad about it. Sometimes you chalk it up to experience or inexperience. You’re proud of yourself for trying.

Your Perception Determines Your Experience

You could attempt to do something, execute it perfectly, and still feel bad about your performance. Your perception of the situation is skewed as everyone around you tells you how well (or badly) you’ve done. Your mind is what is making you feel bad about yourself, not the way that you performed and this is a time where individual counseling can help you get past your fears and worries.

Trying Things Allows You to Perfect the Process

Attempting things you’ve never tried before is courageous. It provides you with the foundation to better yourself. To think that you’ll do them perfectly the first time you try is grounds for a letdown.

Feeling Bad Stops You Dead in Your Tracks by Preventing You From Taking Chances

By giving yourself the opportunity to do things badly, you learn how to do them better. If you feel bad about a situation, you’re likely going to stop trying the thing you had a bad experience with. This stifles your growth, making it harder for you to learn something new.

There is a difference between doing it badly and feeling bad which is something we emphasize with Heart-Centered Counseling sessions. Once you’re able to distinguish between the two, you’ll help yourself heal. You’ll start to see failures as life lessons that bring you closer to reaching your goals. You’ll take risks with great confidence because you won’t feel bad about the outcome.