Do You Find It Difficult To Open Up?

Would you like to be more open than you are now? Do you internalize many of your thoughts, feelings and emotions, and shy away from sharing anything with anyone, no matter how close you are to them? Perhaps the thought of being more open makes you feel vulnerable, frightened and anxious? If you never challenge this perception, you could be missing out on the wonderful way in which being more open can help to relieve the burden of an emotional load or give you an alternative viewpoint of a situation that was causing you mental anguish.

Why is it so hard to be more open?

Oftentimes, when we choose not to be open with someone, it’s because we’re worried about how they might respond to what we want to say, and what they might think of us, so we choose to be silent instead.

Why should you try to be more open with people you trust?

All that we’re doing in remaining silent, though, is denying the people that we’re closest to, the opportunity to know us better, and for who we really are. We’re telling ourselves and showing them, that we don’t fully accept ourselves, and this is a real loss.

Who should you try to be more open with?

There is often an element of risk when we share our inner thoughts and feelings with others, but you can usually make a reasoned judgement as to who you can and cannot trust. If you talk to a close friend or family member for example, the risk is greatly reduced, and if you talk to a professional counselor, confidentiality is part of the agreement that you enter into (and sign), so you can be certain that what you say to the counselor, will never leave the confines of those four walls.

Is there a wrong and a right time to be open?

Definitely! That said, we may get it wrong from time to time, and that’s just part of life, but usually it’s possible to judge when being open might have negative consequences for us. If you’re not used to being open and want to try it out, find a calm, safe environment to be in with your chosen recipient, and depending upon the nature of what you want to say, try to express yourself freely and allow the other person to react without stifling them.

You might want to try it out with a counselor first, and you can even talk to your counselor about the difficulties you’re experiencing with being more open.

Being more open is all about trying to make what you’re feeling on the inside match with what you’re showing on the outside. Internalizing your emotions can alienate you from others, while learning how to express them openly can have the opposite effect. To learn more about being open and begin developing more meaningful relationships with others, talk to a qualified, professional counselor today.

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