Do You Need Help Dealing With The Past?

Things that may have happened in the past can pop back up and surprise you as a vivid memory, at any given time, whether it was something you were directly involved in, or whether you were merely an onlooker. The event may have been troubling, or it may have been enjoyable, and memories of it may make you happy, sad, fearful or angry.

Sometimes, an action or even just a word or phrase may be all it takes to transport you back to the past, but if the journey takes you back to a traumatic event or period in your life, and induces a series of negative emotions, then it might be telling you that you haven’t fully dealt with what happened, and it could even be standing between you and your ability to function fully in life.

Whatever happened to you in the past, you do have the strength, power and ability to move on with your life, you just might need to accept a little help to get there.

How to heal from past trauma:

Painful emotions or memories are often triggered by things such as an anniversary of the event, or by something happening that reminds you of past trauma. However, by following this advice, you can learn to move through:

Stay active – Exercise burns off adrenaline and encourages your body to release endorphins that can help you combat the state of fear and hyperarousal that a painful memory has caused.

Maintain relationships – a past trauma may have you feeling as if you want to hide away, but this is often harmful. Don’t shut friends and family out, instead, actively seek their company so that you’re not left alone to dwell on your pain and anxiety.

Look after yourself – this includes not only being kind to yourself but taking care of your physical health. Eat a balanced diet, get plenty of exercise and don’t scrimp on sleep. A healthy body can help you cope better with stress caused by past trauma.

Seek professional help – if past trauma is still affecting you, many years after it happened, you should consider seeking the help of a trained and qualified therapist. A counselor, for example, will help you find ways to combat your negative emotions and overcome the pain of past trauma, while learning how to live an active, happy and fulfilling life.

A traumatic past can have a very real impact upon your life today, but there is no reason to go through it alone. Talk to those you trust about how you’re feeling, or seek therapeutic assistance from a counselor to learn how to accept and heal from your past so that it doesn’t continue to have a negative effect upon the here and now.

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