Does Being An Introvert Mean That You’re Unwell?

Being uninterested in social gatherings and preferring to spend time alone does not have to mean that you are unwell. While some who are suffering from a mental illness may display such tendencies, for most, it simply means that they’re of an introverted disposition, for which no therapy or medication is necessary.

Are you an introvert?

If the thought of being around lots of people and/or spending time in a busy social setting fills you with dread, and if when you do so you’re left feeling mentally exhausted or upset afterwards, then you may be an introvert.

While this may have some negative connotations or leave you with a reputation among others as being an anti-social individual, it is not necessarily a negative trait and shouldn’t be thought of as such.

However, if you get to a point where you never want to leave the confines of your home, even for a short time, or refuse to interact with anybody other than your immediate family or perhaps a close friend, then you may be suffering from depression.

Introverts and depression

Research has shown that depression is more prevalent in introverts and is due in part to the isolated lifestyle that they tend to live. This doesn’t mean that if you’re an introvert, you must be depressed, but it’s important to look out for some of the signs that you may be struggling with your mental health.

Wanting to be alone most of the time can develop into an unhealthy desire to self-isolate, and without anyone to talk to about how you might be feeling, or to discuss some of the worries that you may have with, there is always the chance that your thoughts and feelings might spiral out of control and leave you in a dark and lonely place.

If you’re beginning to feel too lonely and isolated as an introvert and are struggling to cope with your mental health alone, then professional help might just help get you back to a happier, healthier way of life. The process (or even the thought) of seeking such help might be daunting, but it’s important to remember that good counselors will understand how you’re feeling and will know exactly how to put you at ease.

Some introverts may have better mental health

Some introverts find that while they don’t actively seek to be social, or prefer to be alone, they don’t turn their backs on the rest of the world entirely and may even be more in tune with their emotions as an individual. As introverts tend to be more observant and aware of what’s going on around them, their mental health and coping mechanisms may be more powerful, and they may find themselves to be far more self-aware than their extroverted counterparts.

Being an introvert can affect people in different ways, and while it’s true to say that some mental illnesses such as depression are found more often in such people, if you’re an introvert, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are mentally unwell. If you’re at all worried about your state of mind as an introvert, do seek advice from a mental health specialist.

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