Don’t Believe that You Need to Be “Fixed”, Because You Are Not Broken

When it comes to how we see ourselves, many people think they are somehow broken. Something is wrong with them and the way that they think, and no one has the same issues that they do. This line of thought is not only isolating, but it can be extremely damaging. When it comes to therapy, it isn’t about “fixing” our patients. It is about providing them support and insight into the way that they think and how that affects their lives.

Therapy’s Purpose is the Provide Insight

Of course, everyone makes mistakes and may not handle difficulties in life well. Therapy isn’t going to somehow “cure” this because you are human and making mistakes is simply what we do. Therapy can help provide you with a different perspective and help you to understand why you behave the way that you do. A therapist’s job is not to tell you how you should be living your life, their job is to help you understand yourself and help you figure out how you can change your behaviors to better handle your mental struggles.

There is No “Cure” for Mental Health Issues

Therapy differs from medical treatment in the way that they consider treatment. Medical doctors are looking for a cure for illness, but most mental difficulties aren’t diseases, so there is never going to be a cure for them. Therapy works to help you adapt to life and educate you on how to work through your mental health concerns. Life’s struggles aren’t going to somehow go away, but they are going to be easier to handle when you have a therapist there to support you. Therapy can help you feel confident about who you are and help you live a happier life.