The Emergence of Tele-therapy Through Video Conferencing

Is This New Form of Counseling Right for You and Your Life?

In recent years, the media and the internet have given a lot more attention to a new way for counselors to connect with their patients: tele-therapy. But is video conferencing really an effective way of helping people work through their psychological and emotional troubles? In this article, we present a general overview that you may find useful.

Why Therapy is Important

A good counselor can help you address the underlying issues that impact your emotions, your relationships, and the way you experience life. This is done in a number of ways: from helping you to identify the underlying causes of your feelings, to helping you develop strategies for overcoming negativity. 

Difficulty Seeing a Therapist in Person?

Unfortunately, for many people, factors such as travel, traffic, and personal preference can make visiting a counselor in person difficult. If this describes you, then making an effort to find a tele-therapist who is compatible with your personality and your needs may be a wise decision.

How Tele-therapy is Changing the World of Counseling

Virtual therapy was first developed as a way to utilize technology to reach a broader audience of patients who need psychological assistance. From mental health patients in rural areas, to people suffering with limitations to their physical health, to those who are simply too shy to visit a psychologist in person, tele-therapy has helped countless individuals to improve their lives in an effective, albeit unconventional, manner.

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