Healing Our Pasts: How Healing Childhood Wounds Helps Us Live Well Today

Embrace the child within and give them a big supportive hug for being so brave.

The effects of childhood trauma can last long into adulthood if not addressed. Wounding can interfere with healthy relationships, rational thinking, and the decision-making processes in general. It can also be at the root of a myriad of mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, and even suicidal thoughts. When left unaddressed, it could significantly negative impact a person’s physical and mental health.

Deep Healing Facilitates Change in People

Some of the ways healing childhood wounds helps people live well today are listed below:

By learning how to feel all feelings without fearing them.
When children suppress how they feel, they’re unable to process situations without feeling overwhelmed by fear. They don’t know if it’s safe to emote so they close themselves up to others who could help them develop a sense of safety in the world. Individual counseling is one way to give adults and kids a non-intimidating environment to explore their emotions. Through regular therapy sessions, men and women begin to trust their therapist as well as the range of feelings they feel on an everyday basis. The patients are then able to base their decisions on an honest exploration of their feelings, rather than simply fearing their own response to change.

By allowing them to share it with others without shame.
The more a person can open up about the things they experienced in the past, the better. By working with a therapist, the adult learns to trust the licensed professional. Slowly, through regular counseling, the patient is encouraged to share their experiences with other people they feel safe with. When the adult experiencing childhood wounding can do this without harm, they grow more comfortable with telling their truth and sharing their feelings about the past.

Therapy Helps Adults Overcome the Pain of Their Childhood Wounds
Childhood wounds can render adults defenseless in the face of tragedy. That’s why it’s important to identify, recognize, and treat wounds in therapy so that the pain from the trauma lessens. Weighted down by the past, many people can’t fully move on to live a life leading to a better future. Instead, they can sometimes keep revisiting past events and making decisions from a place of fear, anger or sadness, not joy, peace, and happiness.

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