How Can Therapy Help Me?

Learn what counseling can do to improve your life, relationships, and view of the world.

Therapy is an option that many people turn to when they want their lives and relationships to improve. They go to regular therapy sessions with a licensed therapist because they want to feel better about things that challenge them today. If you’re having a hard time moving forward with your life because of a childhood trauma, substance abuse problem, marital affair, mental health disorder, or for most any other reason, attending individual or couple’s therapy could help.

Here are some ways therapy can help you:

  • By offering support if you’re not getting any. Your therapist will become someone you trust with your most sensitive issues. They’ll provide you with a safe place to open up about your feelings and the struggles that are interfering with your life so you can process your issues.
  • By teaching you how to effectively communicate with other people so you’re less stressed and better able to take care of your needs. You’ll learn the importance of speaking your truth, and listening in a way that’ll help you understand other people better. You’ll learn what they feel and need, and you’ll be able to explain your needs with care and courage.
  • By providing you with tools that you can use in place of unhealthy habits and coping mechanisms. Rather than turning to addictions, you’ll have other resources available such as CBT and DBT to help you navigate difficult terrain. Instead of being destructive, you’ll find constructive ways forward.
  • By allowing you to work together with your partner or family to resolve issues that affect everyone. When you heal the individual, you start the process of healing your partners and families, too.

Strengthen the bond you have with yourself and the people closest to you. By opening up to a professional who is trained to help you move past challenges in your life, you accomplish several things. You get very good at asking for help when you need it. You no longer bottle up your feelings because you know that sharing you need assistance is far easier than going at it alone.

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