How To Help Yourself When There Is No One To Turn To

When you are at a loss as to how to continue with life as it is, or have an emotional problem that you don’t know how to solve, it can feel awful to go through it alone, and while you may think that you have nobody to turn to, there is always someone available to help, you just need to find them, or find the strength to be open with those who are already in your life.

Whether you have nobody in your life that you trust enough to confide in, or whether you feel as if there is no one to turn to, there are solutions for helping yourself:

Find a local or online support group (or therapy group):

These are available everywhere and are open to people of all ages and from all walks of life. Whatever you are going through, there will be a group of like-minded individuals eager to help you work through things, and while they may initially be a group of strangers, it can be immensely cathartic to talk to others who know nothing about you, and who are willing to accept you at face value.

They are often headed by a trained facilitator or mental health professional, and whether the group meets in person, or whether you link up with them online by video link, there will be a group that you can join and often, simply conducting a quick online search will throw up a wide selection.

Attend therapeutic counseling sessions:

While once (long ago) derided by many in society, counseling sessions now provide millions of people with the strength and will to live their lives to the fullest, free from anxiety and fear.

Instead of feeling shame in seeking help, those who do so should be applauded for taking positive steps to help themselves, and while talking therapies don’t suit everyone, they are widely thought of as being the most constructive forms of therapy for a wide range of mental health conditions.

Volunteer in your local community:

Feelings of low self-worth or sadness often dissipate when we discover that we have so much more to give to others than we may have thought possible. No matter how bad you may be feeling, there are always others who are struggling, and who may benefit from your help, and when we give selflessly to others, we can’t help but feel better. 

Love yourself first and foremost:

While this might sound like a corny old cliché, it has always been true and will remain so. Sometimes in life, even if we are surrounded by those who love and care for us, it means nothing if we don’t love ourselves and become our own, strongest support system.

Once you truly understand that you are worthy of love, and that you deserve it, you’ll find yourself being open with others in ways you never imagined possible. If this sounds like an alien concept to you, why not make an appointment with a professional counselor and let them guide you through what it means to truly love yourself, and how you can be your own biggest advocate and strongest support system?

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