If I Have Anxiety, Do I Need Therapy?

If you have anxiety, you’re not alone. Many Americans feel overwhelmed and anxious at times. If you’re experiencing persistent anxiety and feel you may have an anxiety disorder, therapy is one option that can help you better manage the symptoms that you’re experiencing, and even find long-term relief.

How Therapy Benefits People with Anxiety

Therapy is very beneficial for people with anxiety because it provides them with structure and relational support. Here are some advantages of seeking professional counseling services as an anxious person:

  • Learn what thoughts contribute to anxiety. By providing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT, therapists are able to give their patients a new perspective. The anxious person understands what triggers them and how the thoughts and feelings that they’re experiencing make them anxious. By changing how they perceive the situation (and themselves), patients are able to feel differently and therefore lessen the amount of anxiety that they experience.
  • Have a safe space to speak without fear of judgment. People often feel as though they don’t have anyone they can talk to about the things that are troubling them. Being in a safe space with someone helps the patient be honest about what they’re feeling. They don’t have to put on a front because they’re speaking to a therapist who can help them with their issues.

Working with therapy services to redirect feelings of anxiousness is helpful. Heart- Centered Counselors can help with anxiety therapy. You can meet with a therapist in-person or via the internet, whichever works better for you.

Anxiety doesn’t need to rule your life

With anxiety counseling, you can get past feelings of anxiousness by learning how to deal with them in productive and helpful ways. You’ll learn how to deal with the feelings that come up which makes a world of difference in how you react.

Therapy helps validate the anxiety that you’re feeling and gives you healthy coping mechanisms to deal with the nervousness and uncertainty that may be consuming you.

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