Overcoming the Destructive Inner Critic

We are often more critical of ourselves than we are of other people. That inner critic can completely destroy your self-esteem and any confidence that you have in yourself. Overcoming those doubts and criticism is needed to help you reach your goals in life. Here are some simple things that you can do to overcome your inner critic.

Keep Doing What You’re Good At
If there activities or things that you know that you are good at, keep doing them! Doing something that you love can give your self-esteem a boost and can remind you that you can be successful.

Bring Positivity Into Your Life
When you are focusing on how to stop doing something, like criticizing yourself, you are still focusing on the issue and not replacing it with anything beneficial. Instead of choosing negativity in your thoughts, you have the choice to be positive. Compliment yourself out loud or through notes that you write yourself. Those moments of positivity can help stop your negative thoughts.

Start Encouraging Others
Encouraging others can make a big difference in your life. It’s likely that they are also struggling with their own negative thoughts. Being a light in their life will make them happier and in turn, they may become more encouraging towards you. Letting those you love know that you struggle with negativity can be a good way to get more support to help you overcome your inner critic.

Get Help to Deal With Your Negativity
If you cannot seem to overcome your negative thoughts and your self-doubt, it may be time to discuss this with your therapist. Your therapist can help you put your negativity into perspective and help you understand where you may be a bit harsh on yourself. It’s good to give yourself some grace.