Recognizing Our Addictive Patterns and How We Can Overcome Them

Everyone has habits in their lives that they are either ashamed of or they feel that they need to stop. Whether it is an addiction to gambling, sex, work, substance abuse, shopping, or overeating, these addictive habits can make you become unhealthy and unhappy throughout life. It’s important to understand the habits that you have in your life and find ways to overcome them.

Understanding Your Addiction

Not only is it important for you to realize you have an addiction, but to understand why you have developed this addiction in the first place. There is no simple answer to why people become addicted to certain things. Often, the most basic reason is our desire for instant gratification. People search for things that help them find fulfillment and they tend to become addicted to things because they help us feel good. Even good things in our lives can become harmful when they are abused. However, this pleasure tends to fade quickly and does not last for long.

Seeking Help for Addiction

Once you realize that you have an addiction in you life, the most important thing that you can do is to seek help. Create a support system of friends and family, a therapist, as well as a support group of recovering addicts that are struggling with the same addiction. This will help you feel that you are not alone and will help you stay accountable to people who love you.

Replacing Your Addiction with Lasting Fulfillment

Overcoming addiction is learning to let go of that feeling of instant gratification when you participate in what you are addicted to and becoming grateful for what you have. Work with your therapist to figure our what will bring you the lasting fulfillment that everyone wants in life and seek after that instead of the instant gratification that leaves you feeling empty afterwards.