Doing What is Restorative, Rather Than Escaping

 Relationships can get complicated and difficult and during rough times it can be tempting to avoid or escape people rather than work to restore relationships. Restoring these relationships is not easy, but it is necessary for your social health.

There are certain things that you can do in your life to help you restore your relationships rather than sabotage them by escaping from them.

Take Some Time to Calm Down

If someone you love has seriously angered you, you may want to take a little bit of time in solitude to think about the entire situation. But once you have calmed down a bit, it’s important for you to come back to your friend or family member and work to restore your relationship. Whatever you do, don’t ignore the situation or give your loved one the silent treatment. This will create a rift in your relationship and make it even more difficult to resolve.

Kindly Confront Your Loved Ones

If someone you love has hurt your feelings or has harmed you, don’t simply just cut yourself off from that relationship. It’s important for your loved ones to know that they have hurt you. Don’t attack your loved one, but calmly explain your emotions. Once they understand how you feel and why you feel that way, you can both work together to find a solution that works well for both of you and helps restore your relationship.

If you have realized that you tend to cut yourself off from relationships rather than working to restore them, this may be something that you may want to discuss with your therapist. They can work with you to help you break your behavioral patterns and help you improve your relationships and help you understand how to confront your loved ones.