The “Silent Crisis” of Men’s Mental Health

Why Men’s Mental Health is Often Ignored — And What You Can Do About It

In recent years, there have been healthy discussions about gender stereotypes and the effect that they have on our mental health. One harmful stereotype is how men repress their emotions. Men are told all their lives that expressing emotion and/or asking for help are somehow inherently un-masculine. Far too many guys are missing out on the mental health support that they so badly need. Here are a few steps that you can take to help change this situation for the better:

Find Healthy Ways of Dealing with Stress
In today’s society, many men seriously struggle with stress in their life. This is a serious contributor to the heart disease epidemic that has hit the US. Men can learn how to deal with their stress in a healthy way. It’s important to find ways that you can relieve stress in a way that does not end in violence or substance abuse. A counselor can be very helpful in finding these healthy ways.

Normalize Mental Health Support
Change the stereotype by seeking support when you need it and being open about your experiences. This may be just as important to your friends and family as it is to you. After all, if there is a man in your life who feels ashamed of seeking professional help, then your example could give them the courage they need to reach out.

Express Emotion Freely
This can be scary for anyone, regardless of gender. But when you go out on a limb and share what you are feeling, you will find more often than not that those around you can relate. Expressing your emotions is a great way to form real, lasting connections while working through your own psychology at the same time. That is precisely why social connections, relationship building, and even talk therapy are all so important to long-term mental health.