Tele-Psychiatry and How It Can Help You

Remote Psychiatry Services Can Help Patients Overcome Challenges to Healing

Technology has changed our world in a wide range of meaningful ways. Our methods of working, playing, and communicating have all been changed by social media, smartphones, email, and mobile apps, for example.

These changes have had both positive and negative effects. For example, while they have brought us closer together because of their convenient way of facilitating communication, they have also encouraged people to spend more time behind screens rather than face to face.

In some ways, this technology has undoubtedly had a positive effect is in the healthcare field. Professionals can communicate and share information more freely, patients can research their conditions and treatment options more easily, and healthcare can even be practiced remotely in some circumstances. Tele-psychiatry is an excellent example of this.

The Logistical Benefits of Tele-psychiatry

Certain patients living in remote or rural areas might find a visit to their nearest psychologist or counselor’s office to be challenging. Even people living in more heavily populated areas can sometimes experience difficulties due to busy schedules or other unique circumstances. This is one of the most important reasons why tele-psychiatry has been so helpful to so many diverse groups of people.

Tele-psychiatry Can Contribute to Patient Comfort and Ease

The desire to work with a tele-psychiatrist rather than pursuing traditional options is not always due to logistical issues. Sadly, mental health is still sometimes regarded as a taboo in our society, and although we eagerly await the day when this is no longer the case, we also make an effort to assist patients who feel too shy or embarrassed to attend conventional psychiatric offices.

Is Tele-psychiatry Right for You?

If you have finished this article yet still feel unsure of the answer, we’d love to discuss your thoughts and feelings to find the best solution for you as an individual. Contact Heart Centered Counselors to learn more. We offer both in-person psychiatry and tele-psychiatry.