The Truth Behind Keeping Secrets

It’s widely accepted that there are certain truths we may be faced with in life that don’t need to be shared, either with certain individuals, or even with anyone. However, that doesn’t mean that keeping secrets is the easy or right thing to do in many cases.

Telling the difference between a secret that should be shared, and one that we should keep to ourselves isn’t always straightforward, but if a secret is allowing us to continue behaving in a way that is harmful to ourselves or others, then this is always going to be detrimental to our mental and physical well-being.

In short, some secrets can become toxic, and until we share them with the right people, it’ll become so much harder for us to continue keeping them to ourselves.

Here’s what can happen if you decide to share a secret, but please note that while revealing a secret can be extremely cathartic in many instances, you may want to seek the help of a professional counselor before you decide to share it with others:

Any feelings of guilt you may have been experiencing could be reduced

Confessing to a secret isn’t always easy, in fact in many circumstances it’s downright tough, but most will experience a reduction in their feelings of guilt once they have done so. That isn’t to say that the guilty feelings will disappear, but you’re paving the way for them to dissipate in the long term.

The person or persons whom you are sharing with may not choose to forgive you, ever, but if you share with sincere intentions, then you might both forgive yourself (in time) and give yourself a chance at an honest relationship with those you’re sharing with.

You can prevent that person from finding out the secret from someone else

If you’re keeping a secret that you know would hurt somebody if they discovered it, then there is always the risk that they’ll find it out from somebody else, and that scenario never ends well. While it will cause you pain to reveal the secret to that person, if they were to hear it from someone else, the pain caused would be far greater.

Minimize the pain and hurt

If you’re keeping a secret about something harmful you’ve done to someone, then when you keep that a secret, you’re simply adding to the pain and hurt that you’re causing them, and yourself. The hurtful action you committed may be hard for others to forgive but keeping it a secret may feel unforgivable to others.

The decision to not reveal a secret is usually an easy one to make, while choosing to confess is of course, much harder. However, if the secret is one that you’re keeping from a loved one or close friend, then it may quickly create a barrier between you both, no matter whether they suspect the truth or not. Secrets aren’t usually conducive to a happy, healthy relationship. So, if a secret is eating away at you and you need some advice on how or when to share it, don’t be afraid to ask for help, and know that the quicker you do, the quicker the pain can subside.

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