Three Great Couples Counseling Exercises

See for yourself the type of progress you’ll make in therapy.

Couples counselors often provide valuable insight that helps couples come to their own conclusions as to why their relationships need work. Exercises are sometimes used in therapy settings because they allow couples to actively participate together to come up with solutions that meet each other’s needs. Instead of giving ‘homework,’ engaging in work during couples counseling sessions initiates the type of response that is needed for healing to begin.

Three examples of great couples counseling exercises are described below.

The Gottman Method

For over 40 years, this nine-step process has been helping create healthier relationships. Couples counselors explore the steps with the couple. That way each idea is given the attention it deserves in context of helping the relationship.

The steps are:

  • Building Love Maps.
  • Sharing Admiration and Fondness for the Other Person.
  • Stating Individual Needs.
  • Choosing a Perspective That is Positive.
  • Managing Conflict Instead of Rushing to Resolve It.
  • Sharing Values, Hopes, and Dreams as They Pertain to Your Life.
  • Sharing the Vision You Have for Your Future.
  • Building Trust in One Another.
  • Showing That You Believe in the Relationship and Commitment You’ve Made to One Another.

Thousands of couples have made progress in their relationships because of this exercise.

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)

Since the 1980s, EFT has been used in couples counseling. It consists of three steps. They are responding emotionally in different ways by expanding and reorganizing, creating tighter bonds between partners, and taking personal stances, repositioning them, and creating new interactions. This exercise has had a success rate of 90% in the past, making it an important tool for counselors.

Narrative Therapy Exercises

This counseling exercise allows both parties to narrate the story of their relationship as they experience it. They get to write about the things that bother them and possible solutions that could improve their partnership. A very simple approach to a complex subject, narrative therapy exercises are a go-to for therapists because they are very effective. People who have trouble speaking their mind often have an easier time putting words on paper.

Heart-Centered Counselors provides you with exercises, instruction, and a supportive environment to talk about your issues as a couple. If you haven’t looked into couples counseling yet, now might be the time to do so. You and your partner will benefit physically, mentally, and emotionally from the support our trained and experienced counselors provide. Don’t suffer in silence. We’re here to help.