What Is CBT And Could It Help You?

Our behaviors are influenced by our thoughts and feelings, and a psychotherapeutic treatment called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can help us to better understand the connection between the way we act, and the way we think. Often abbreviated to CBT, this form of treatment can be used to treat common disorders such as addiction, phobias, depression and anxiety, and is usually short-term. Individuals are taught how to identify destructive thought patterns and learn to change them so that they don’t have a negative influence on the way they behave and feel.

The overriding goal of CBT is to teach a person that while many things in life may be out of their control, they can however, take control of how they interpret and respond to events or circumstances.

CBT and automatic negative thoughts:

CBT focuses primarily upon changing the automatic negative thoughts that when experienced, can lead to emotional problems, or to the exacerbation of any existing mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. When negative thoughts are always at the forefront of an individual’s mind, and rear their head automatically, they are often accepted as being true and can have a downward effect upon mood.

During their therapy session, the individual is helped to examine their thoughts in greater detail and encouraged to look at any evidence that might support or refute what they’re thinking. Being realistic is a vital lesson to learn, and in doing so, they can be more objective about their thoughts and how they contribute towards their feelings of anxiety or depression. Once the unhealthy thought patterns have been identified, with the help of the therapist, they can then begin to engage in healthier patterns of thought.

Could CBT help you?

It could be said that we all have issues with our mental health to varying degrees, and most of us would benefit from help through counseling. There is no shame in seeking a treatment such as CBT if your thoughts or emotions are preventing you from leading a fulfilling life or stopping you from reaching your goals. If you seek counseling, you can be proud that you’ve taken positive steps to enrich your life and help yourself feel better.

So, if the way you think is beginning to impact negatively upon any aspect of your life, it could be that CBT is the answer. Schedule a meeting with a qualified and experienced counselor who can assess your needs and guide you through this healing form of therapy.

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