Brody Shelstad

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Brody Shelstad

Brody Shelstad

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MA, LMFT)

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“Hello. My name is Brody. I’d describe myself as a compassionate, accepting and authentic person. I’ve worked with people of all ages, from young children to those with years of wisdom! In addition to my love for helping individuals, I greatly value working with couples and families too!”

Brody wants you to know she’s well trained and has the skills to help: “I completed my undergraduate work at the University of Arizona in Psychology and my graduate work at Syracuse University in Marriage and Family Therapy. I’m experienced in working with many different areas of needs, including but not limited to, family systems issues, couple’s needs, depression, anxiety, divorce, death and loss, trauma and LGTBQ+ issues.”

Brody’s background as a Marriage and Family Therapist means that when she comes into a session, she’ll work to understand you, and also to understand how the relationships in your life have impacted (and are impacting) you. She’ll then use that insight to help you heal and grow.

“I work hard to bring a balance of care, encouragement, and growth-opportunities to each of my sessions, to help encourage my clients to feel nurtured as well as empowered. My goal is to help you continue (or maybe even start!) your journey, by creating a place where you can bring in the tough stuff of life and be supported in creating positive change. I want to work with you by exploring your needs and hopes and then creating a healing plan and getting you there!”