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Bryan Lyman

Bryan Lyman

Licensed Professional Counselor (MA, LPC)

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When you meet with Bryan, you’ll feel a deep sense of empathy and caring. You’ll feel secure, comfortable, and heard. You’ll be welcomed as an equal partner in the healing process. He’ll actively listen to your concerns, and help you rediscover passion and meaning as a way of healing your mind. He’ll also provide you with tools you can utilize not just for a session, but for your whole life to create longevity within your happiness and wellness.

Bryan helps his clients overcome their deepest fears and the pain that is driving their mental health concerns, like anxiety, depression, grief, and marital issues. He helps them to find balance in their lives, whether that be through developing balance in the rationality in their thoughts, or balance in how they care for themselves. A self-described “eclectic” counselor, Bryan tailor’s a client’s treatment to their strengths as a person. He uses a variety of modalities, including CBT, DBT, ERP, TF-CBT, and more.

With a Master’s degree in counseling, licensure in both the states of Maine and Colorado, and having earned Trauma Focused – Cognitive Behavioral therapy certification and Serving Our Veterans Behavioral Health Certification, Bryan’s experience is broad. He’s worked as a clinical supervisor in acute mental health settings, and as an outpatient therapist engaging in both individual counseling treating most major mental health disorders and group therapy.