Carl R Nassar

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Carl R Nassar

Carl R Nassar

Director and Licensed Psychotherapist (LPC, NCC, CIP)

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Carl has both a passion for his work and the professional competence to do it very well. When you meet Carl, what you’ll first experience is a kind, compassionate person who’ll put you at ease with his care. As you begin your work with him, it’ll quickly become evident that he’s an exceedingly well-trained counselor (with over 8 years of post-graduate training) and a highly experienced one (with over 17 years of clinical experience), who puts this background to work to get you to well again.

Whether Carl’s helping adolescents deal with difficult relationships by teaching communication skills; or helping individuals overcome depression by applying effective treatments to reclaim energy and vitality; or helping couples and families learn to handle disagreements in a healthy and caring way, Carl exudes a tenderness in his demeanor, a passion for his work, and the skill set to get you through even the most difficult of times.

Carl will bring you his unique, in-depth training that borrows from the best of the recent research in attachment theory and neuropsychology, and blends in the well-proven foundational approaches such as Fritz Pearls’ Gestalt therapy, Eric Berne’s Transactional Analysis, Ronald Fairbairn’s Object Relations, Carl Roger’s Client-Centered approach, and key ideas from Cognative Behavioral Therapy. Carl will elegantly, and in a manner transparent to you, integrates these counseling theories to get you through the tough times and into feelings of well and wholeness.

Carl’s Clinical Training and Experience

Carl earned a Masters degree in Community Counseling from the University of Northern Colorado, and a Doctorate degree in Telecommunications from McGill University. Carl went on to teach at both McGill University and Colorado State University (CSU), earning the position of tenured professor at CSU. Carl then moved on – to a life he loves – his life as a counselor in private practice.

Soon after moving into private practice work, Carl completed a four-year post-graduate training program in Integrative Psychotherapy and received international certification as a CIP (Certified Integrative Psychotherapist). Carl valued this form of therapy so highly that he continued to on with his training and became an Integrative Psychotherapy Trainer and Supervisor (IIPTS), teaching and training other psychotherapists.

Additional certifications and licenses that Carl holds include being nationally certified as an NCC (National Certified Counselor); state licensed as an LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor); certified by the CCE as a Distance Certified Counselor (DCC); and certified by the Zur Institute as a CAESP (Certification In Advanced Ethics Studies In Psychotherapy).