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Carla Eliza Amarillo

Carla Eliza Amarillo

Insurance Director

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Carla joined Heart Centered Counseling in December 2015, helping with insurance benefit verification. But she quickly showed her merit by taking on additional tasks, and it wouldn’t be long before Carla was leading the twenty (20) person insurance team. Carla manages and supports her team with hands on approach, as they help ensure all clients have a solid understanding of their insurance plans; assist clients with billing issues; and guide therapists with reimbursement questions.

Before joining Heart Centered, Carla, in her younger days, worked for large food chains including Yellow Cab Pizza, and in time found her way into the insurance world, working for many years in the Humana Contact Center as a Claim Specialist (where she answered calls from healthcare providers and honed her skills in medical billing). She feels fortunate to have met the very gentle and caring Carl Nassar at Heart Centered Counseling who brought her on board, and the rest, as they say, is history (and an unfolding story).

When not immersed in the world of insurance payers, Carla can be found singing her heart out in karaoke, playing her guitar, and enjoying time with her son.