Yoga for Anxiety

Posted By: on June 18, 2019
woman performing Yoga to relieve stress
Yoga is so much more than holding a headstand or chanting “om” as the sun rises. In fact, yoga philosophy contains eight tools for leading a life of purpose and peace, as outlined by the sage Patañjali in The Eight-Fold Path. The Eight Limbs derived from his ancient texts are utilized even today. Although many overlap and are intertwined, let’s highlight how a few of these limbs can help calm general anxiety or an acute anxiety attack. Asana – Postures Try a few of the following poses

Self-Respect Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read these 5 tips!

Posted By: on June 11, 2019
man feeling confident through self respect
Self-respect defines how we value and perceive ourselves and also how we show ourselves to the world. What is self-respect? Having self-respect does not mean you are overly confident or even arrogant; it means you have confidence within yourself. It is a form of self- love. Having Self-Respect means you are able to valid yourself, and that you are able to accept validation from other people such as family, peers, or even strangers. Through self-respect, you experience your sense of value

Depression From A Child’s Perspective

Posted By: on June 04, 2019
depressed child
1 in 5 people will suffer from one form of mental illness in their lifetime. Depression is one of the most common mood disorders. It is more than normal sadness, and it alters the way you live your life. Depression is not something you can snap out of. In some cases, it requires extended dedicated treatment programs. However, there is help out there for you. Both of my parents had one form of depression while I was growing up. My mother had post-partum depression after each of her five childr

Where do we find answers?

Posted By: on May 28, 2019
girl searching for answers online
As I look at the title of this blog, the first option that pops into my mind is Google. I’m sure I’m not alone; but as grateful as I am to have answers right at my fingertips, I’m even more grateful to have options. I’d like to focus on one that’s been instrumental in my life and as they say, pay it forward. There’s a lot to be said about the people we come across and how their experiences can impact our own. Recently, someone who I admire greatly shared two important questions

Off the Beaten Path for ADHD

Posted By: on May 21, 2019
woman with ADHD
I have learned as a mother of four children with different needs that it’s okay to go off the beaten path.  Three of my four children were diagnosed with ADHD (both daughters towards the end of their kindergarten year and my youngest son at the beginning of seventh grade).  My husband was diagnosed with ADD in his early 30s.  My children were all diagnosed through a psychologist and my husband was diagnosed through his physician.  This is where the commonality ends though. My husband ha

Do I Have Depression? Signs of Depression

Posted By: on May 14, 2019
depressed man
I have bipolar disorder. It’s been relatively well-controlled for the past several years, but yesterday it occurred to me to wonder if I’m sliding back into a depressive episode. I work hard to be mindful of my mental state so that I can catch swings before I experience suicidal ideation or have delusions of grandeur.   It occurred to me that some of you might benefit from me exploring whether I’m experiencing symptoms of depression. Here are signs of depression along with whether or n

Hitting Rock Bottom and Getting Back Up

Posted By: on May 07, 2019
woman suffering from depression
I walked into the Behavioral Health Unit at the local hospital to visit my friend this month. He was extremely intoxicated one weekend and called 911 while struggling with suicidal ideation. Last May, nearly one year ago, I willingly checked into the same Behavioral Health Unit. It was the lowest I’d ever been. I was powerless and could no longer manage my life. I was constantly depressed, anxious, overworked, and fatigued. Early in the morning one day, I woke up with a bad stomachache. I kne

Do You Argue Too Much With Your Significant Other?

Posted By: on April 30, 2019
husband and wife arguing
Are you ever worried that you and your significant other argue too much? Do you often escalate a small disagreement into a huge fight where you scream and yell mean things that you wish you could take back? Every couple has arguments with their significant other, but just because it is common to fight with a loved one, doesn’t mean that you have to stay in a roller coaster pattern of negative behavior and frustration. You are not alone if you want to see change in your relationship. Many co

Guarding Your Own Life: How to Be There for Someone When You’re Depressed Too

Posted By: on April 23, 2019
depressed man
For couples who both experience depression, it takes a great deal of self-awareness to keep the relationship healthy. The foundations of a good relationship - trust, boundaries, and communication - take on even more significance. For someone like me, who tends to absorb others’ emotions, having a partner with periods of depression makes it difficult to discern whether I’m experiencing my own depression or simply a reflection of his. Perhaps you can relate. When this would happen, I lost t

Self Love as Self-Care

Posted By: on April 16, 2019
woman looking into the sky
Over the last decade, the term “self-care” has been co-opted and used to sell luxurious products and services to “treat yourself” with. While these things feel good temporarily, they are no substitute for self-love, which cannot be bought and offers a lifetime of value. I consider self-love the deepest form of self-care, and a valuable means of finding the way to joy and fulfillment. Self-love is an elusive goal because it is as individual and unique as each one of us. There is no one