Are You Suffering With A Generalized Anxiety Disorder?

Posted By: on July 07, 2020
girl suffering from generalized anxiety disorder
It’s not always easy to know if your levels of anxiety are above what are considered to be normal. As most people get anxious from time to time, you may not consider yourself as having a problem that you should seek help for. The following information should help you to get a better understanding of generalized anxiety disorder, and whether it might be something that you should seek help for: What is ‘generalized anxiety disorder’, or GAD? When your worries and fears take over your

5 Of The Most Common Mental Health Misconceptions

Posted By: on June 30, 2020
Man suffering from mental health issues
There have always been certain misconceptions surrounding mental health, and while these may never disappear completely, in talking about them and shedding some light on the truth, we might help more people to realize when they should seek help, and enable others to be more understanding of those suffering with a mental health condition. Here are 5 of the most common mental health misconceptions: If you don’t feel mentally unwell today, you won’t have a problem tomorrow While you m

Are You Trapped In An Unhealthy Relationship?

Posted By: on June 23, 2020
girl depressed with relationship
Even when a relationship has begun to turn toxic (or was always toxic), ending things can be a big decision to make and a hard thing to do. You may still love your partner, despite knowing that being with them isn’t healthy for you. If you’re feeling trapped in a relationship that no longer feels healthy, or have recently ended a toxic partnership, these tips may prove helpful: Be aware that there is a problem If you know that something isn’t right, but you’re searching for con

Signs That Your Child May Be Mentally Unwell

Posted By: on June 16, 2020
mentally unwell child
While it might be more common to associate mental illnesses with older children, such as teenagers, the reality is that children of all ages can struggle with their mental health, and spotting the signs is not always straightforward. Below are a few clues that could show if your child is mentally unwell: Frequent mood changes or mood swings It’s arguable that all kids can be moody, and this may well be understandable given the challenges they face both mentally and physically, but if yo

Do You Find It Difficult To Open Up?

Posted By: on June 09, 2020
shy girl can't open up to others
Would you like to be more open than you are now? Do you internalize many of your thoughts, feelings and emotions, and shy away from sharing anything with anyone, no matter how close you are to them? Perhaps the thought of being more open makes you feel vulnerable, frightened and anxious? If you never challenge this perception, you could be missing out on the wonderful way in which being more open can help to relieve the burden of an emotional load or give you an alternative viewpoint of a situa

Some Surprising Ways You Can Benefit From Counseling

Posted By: on June 02, 2020
person in counseling session
Have you ever been told that therapy or counseling is just for people who think too much, or for those who don’t have the mental strength to cope with their emotions? Some people say these things because they’re fearful of talking to others about how they feel, while others may genuinely believe this to be true. In fact... Should you try therapy? Those who have tried counseling and reaped the rewards may well say that we should all try it at least once in our lifetime, and expert opin

Maintaining Your Mental Health As The Pandemic Continues

Posted By: on May 26, 2020
mental breakdown during pandemic
While some relaxations to the countrywide lockdown are now being introduced, many people are still battling through difficult and unusual times, and as a result, concerns over the mental health of our nation are mounting.  If you’ve always struggled with your mental health and are finding that the pandemic has amplified your symptoms, or are facing new waves of anxiety or depression that you’ve never experienced before, there are ways that you can help yourself to stay balanced and rati

Do You Need Help Dealing With The Past?

Posted By: on May 19, 2020
person thinking about the past
Things that may have happened in the past can pop back up and surprise you as a vivid memory, at any given time, whether it was something you were directly involved in, or whether you were merely an onlooker. The event may have been troubling, or it may have been enjoyable, and memories of it may make you happy, sad, fearful or angry. Sometimes, an action or even just a word or phrase may be all it takes to transport you back to the past, but if the journey takes you back to a traumatic even

How Children Become Emotionally Wounded

Posted By: on May 12, 2020
emotionally wounded child
Parenthood can be tough, no matter who you are, where you come from or what your beliefs are, and there are no hard and fast rules for raising children to be emotionally healthy and happy. However, there are some ways that a parent or caregiver can accidentally cause emotional harm to their child, and here are some examples: Belittling or ignoring your child’s feelings When your child is feeling sad, angry confused or afraid and you make fun of them in any way, or choose to ignore them,

The Link Between OCD’s And Eating Disorders

Posted By: on May 05, 2020
woman with eating disorder
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is an anxiety related disorder in which individuals experience repetitive thoughts, feelings, sensations and behaviors that cause them to engage in ritualistic habits or compulsions. These repetitive habits are intended to help reduce feelings of apprehension, fear or worry, but the disorder can be incredibly debilitating when left untreated, and often exists alongside other disorders, such as substance abuse or anorexia.  What are some of the signs that