How To Help Yourself When There Is No One To Turn To

Posted By: on April 07, 2020
lonely person
When you are at a loss as to how to continue with life as it is, or have an emotional problem that you don’t know how to solve, it can feel awful to go through it alone, and while you may think that you have nobody to turn to, there is always someone available to help, you just need to find them, or find the strength to be open with those who are already in your life. Whether you have nobody in your life that you trust enough to confide in, or whether you feel as if there is no one to turn

Coping With Depression As An Introvert

Posted By: on March 31, 2020
Depressed introvert woman
Many of us think of introverts as being quiet, reserved and thoughtful people who keep themselves to themselves and prefer not to attend social events, and we may be right, but there is often more to an introvert than simply being the opposite of an extrovert. The world-renowned psychologist, Carl Jung, first described introverts and extroverts back in the 1960’s and wrote that they could be distinguished from one another by how they regain energy. In his preliminary findings, he wrote tha

Coping With Covid-19 And The Effect On Your Mental Health

Posted By: on March 24, 2020
person coping during Covid-19 pandemic
You may not think that a physical illness such as Covid-19 can affect mental health, too, but you might be surprised to learn that it can cause a huge emotional burden upon those who suffer from (or are vulnerable to) anxiety, depression or any other mental health concern. Aside from the constant worry about catching it yourself there is the worry that loved ones will fall prey to Covid-19, not to mention the feelings of anxiety or fear when we’re not able to continue doing the things we love

What is Suicide Ideation?

Posted By: on March 17, 2020
person considering suicide
With more people being diagnosed with depression now than ever before, and more people struggling to cope mentally with the pressures of modern life, suicide is becoming an increasingly worrying trend. Throughout the U.S, many states have seen an increase in cases of suicide of up to 30% since 1999, and it’s now thought to be the 10th leading cause of death in the country. However, most who are struggling with their mental health and feeling (at times) that they cannot cope do not take the

Counseling, Medication, Or Both? Knowing What’s Right For You

Posted By: on March 10, 2020
woman in need of mental help
As more and more research is conducted into mental health disorders and behavioral problems, a combination of medication and professional talking therapies have consistently been found to be of the most help. However, no two people respond in the same way to the same treatment, meaning that it’s not always easy to know what will work best for you, and selecting the right combination can be tricky, and you may not always get it right first time. Medications such as antidepressants have been

Why Can’t You Just Be Happy?

Posted By: on March 03, 2020
happy person
Being happy is a state of mind not always easy to achieve and, sometimes, it may seem unattainable. Why is it, for example, that some people appear happy no matter what awful things may be going in their lives, while others appear to be in a perpetual state of unhappiness when they seemingly have it all? Some may be enduring struggles that are not outwardly visible: It can be all too easy to look at someone who seemingly has it all, with a great job, nice home, kids and a doting partner,

The Truth Behind Keeping Secrets

Posted By: on February 25, 2020
keeping secrets
It’s widely accepted that there are certain truths we may be faced with in life that don’t need to be shared, either with certain individuals, or even with anyone. However, that doesn’t mean that keeping secrets is the easy or right thing to do in many cases. Telling the difference between a secret that should be shared, and one that we should keep to ourselves isn’t always straightforward, but if a secret is allowing us to continue behaving in a way that is harmful to ourselves or

How Coming Out Can Be A Multi-Staged Process

Posted By: on February 18, 2020
couple coming out
For many individuals, there may be one defining or significant moment when they ‘come out’, but more often, ‘coming out’ becomes an experience that is repeated multiple times throughout their lives. It can be a long process of understanding and accepting your sexual orientation or gender identity and coping with the ways in which others respond to your news. Here are a few things to think about if you’re facing the prospect of this often multi-staged process: Do you have a stron

How Empathy Is Key When Communicating With Your Child

Posted By: on February 11, 2020
2 children sitting on a hill
Feeling estranged from your child is not unusual, but it can be painful. Not only does it hurt when they won’t communicate with you, but it can have serious repercussions for your child, too.  It is often said that there is nothing more important in a child’s development than their relationship with their parents or caregivers, and so if you’re struggling to communicate effectively with your child, it’s important to work to rectify the situation. Research has shown that when a c

The Pain Of Past Trauma And How It Can Affect Relationships

Posted By: on February 04, 2020
people holding hands
Past traumas can be defined as any events that posed a threat to your physical or psychological well being, and they can sometimes have a detrimental impact upon relationships if you don’t seek professional help to deal with their consequences. Here are four ways in which past trauma can have a negative impact upon intimate relationships: Past traumas can trigger ‘fight, flight or freeze’ If you experienced a trauma in your past that you haven’t been able to deal with, or stil