Things to Do When You Feel Blue – Dealing With Mild Depression

Posted By: on March 06, 2019
Dealing with mild depression and its symptoms. Mild depression is often referred to as “feeling blue”. You may or may not know the source of your sadness, but are aware that it’s disrupting your life in one or more ways. You may feel more tired than usual or not want to do activities that you usually enjoy participating in. Problems concentrating may appear and you may wonder when you’ll ever feel joyful. You Are Not Alone Whatever symptoms you’re experiencing as a result of your

Help for Persistent Loneliness – How to get past feelings of desperation & despair

Posted By: on February 27, 2019
lonely person standing at wall
Persistent loneliness is hard to get past. It can be very troubling without intervention. You may feel yourself withdrawing even more because you feel lonely. It could leave you feeling sad, depressed, and hopeless. If you’re lonely but aren’t sure why, it’s time to come up with some answers that are reassuring and comforting. You don’t have to be alone in your journey. The licensed therapists at Heart-Centered Counseling provide a safe space for you to explore your feelings, work on yo

Learning to Accept Yourself Just as You Are

Posted By: on February 13, 2019
Feeling self accepted
Learning to accept yourself just as you are may be among the most difficult things to master in life. After all, we all have preconceived notions of what others expect from us that come early in life from teachers and parents. If you feel the pressure to constantly be more than who you are and feel you’re not enough, it’s time to learn all that you can about self-acceptance. Individual therapy can teach you how! What You Gain from Individual Therapy Sessions Individual therapy sessions hel

How Can Therapy Help Me?

Posted By: on January 23, 2019
depressed woman
Learn what counseling can do to improve your life, relationships, and view of the world. Therapy is an option that many people turn to when they want their lives and relationships to improve. They go to regular therapy sessions with a licensed therapist because they want to feel better about things that challenge them today. If you’re having a hard time moving forward with your life because of a childhood trauma, substance abuse problem, marital affair, mental health disorder, or for most any

Three Great Couples Counseling Exercises

Posted By: on January 09, 2019
See for yourself the type of progress you’ll make in therapy. Couples counselors often provide valuable insight that helps couples come to their own conclusions as to why their relationships need work. Exercises are sometimes used in therapy settings because they allow couples to actively participate together to come up with solutions that meet each other’s needs. Instead of giving ‘homework,’ engaging in work during couples counseling sessions initiates the type of response that is nee

Can Counseling Save My Marriage?

Posted By: on December 26, 2018
Learn what makes couples counseling beneficial. If you’re going through a rough patch in your relationship, and need someone to help you better communicate your needs to your partner, couples counseling is for you. Devoting a dedicated amount of time each week to sit down with a counselor and your spouse to work on your marriage can be precisely what saves it. If you can’t make headway on your own with your partner, and fear that the end is near, a visit to Heart-Centered Counseling for mar

Four Keys to Healthy Communication in Relationships

Posted By: on December 11, 2018
So, you want to be able to communicate more effectively? For healthy communication, you need to learn what it takes to be an active listener and better communicator.   Communication is one of the most important things in any relationship. You can easily improve the quality of your interactions with other people by practicing active listening and learning how to effectively communicate your needs in ways that others understand and honor. Healthy Communication Consists of These Four Principl

If I Have Anxiety, Do I Need Therapy?

Posted By: on November 27, 2018
girl suffering from anxiety
If you have anxiety, you’re not alone. Many Americans feel overwhelmed and anxious at times. If you’re experiencing persistent anxiety and feel you may have an anxiety disorder, therapy is one option that can help you better manage the symptoms that you’re experiencing, and even find long-term relief. How Therapy Benefits People with Anxiety Therapy is very beneficial for people with anxiety because it provides them with structure and relational support. Here are some advantages of see

Why Many Couples Wait Too Long to Go to Marriage Counseling

Posted By: on November 13, 2018
married couple riding bikes
Sometimes, fear of judgment —  or misinformation about how couples therapy works — can cause individuals to postpone marriage counseling. Sometimes, people see marriage counseling only as a last resort before a divorce. They’re not aware of the benefits that therapy with a licensed counselor can provide. Perhaps the lack of transportation has gotten in the way and couples don’t realize that tele-therapy sessions exist with our marriage counselors. It could be that the couple is simp

Is it Time for Marriage Counseling?

Posted By: on October 23, 2018
Marriage counseling helps couples deal with differences and difficulties in positive and productive ways. It emphasizes the importance of communication and seeks to understand the individual’s role in a relationship. If you’ve experienced frustration because you can’t speak to your spouse or partner without yelling —  if you’re feeling unloved or unappreciated due to their inability to listen to your requests and honor your needs — then marriage counseling is the right option for yo