Are You Stuck In A Cycle Of Negativity?

Posted By: on January 14, 2020
man feeling lonely and lost
It’s not uncommon for a person’s perception of themselves to be entirely different to that of those around them, and without even realizing it, they could be stuck in a cycle of negativity. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t know themselves very well, they’re just not recognizing the symptoms of negativity that they may be displaying, or may have trouble facing them. Here are some ways to increase your awareness of negativity: Do you dwell on past failures? Preci

How To Embrace Your Emotions So They Don’t Control You

Posted By: on January 07, 2020
woman controlled by emotions
There is no doubt that emotions can be incredibly powerful, and what mood you’re in can determine how you interact with those around you, how much money you spend, how you face up to challenges and how you spend your time. If you’re not careful, your emotions can end up controlling every aspect of your life, but learn to regulate them, and you’ll become mentally stronger. Accepting emotions that make you feel uncomfortable, and learning to control them: Nobody is asking you to suppr

Growing Pains Offer a Chance to Serve

Posted By: on January 01, 2020
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When a community grows, there's bound to be pains related to increased demands on systems and resources. El Paso County, home to Colorado Springs, leads the state in population growth and its growing pains are palpable as it strives to meet demands for access to nutritious food, housing, and physical and behavioral/mental health care. Mental Health The latter, mental health (and the oft co-occurring issue of substance abuse), tops the list of Colorado's 10 Winnable Battles—topics the C

What Is CBT And Could It Help You?

Posted By: on December 31, 2019
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Our behaviors are influenced by our thoughts and feelings, and a psychotherapeutic treatment called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can help us to better understand the connection between the way we act, and the way we think. Often abbreviated to CBT, this form of treatment can be used to treat common disorders such as addiction, phobias, depression and anxiety, and is usually short-term. Individuals are taught how to identify destructive thought patterns and learn to change them so that they don

Could You Be Depressed And Not Know It?

Posted By: on December 24, 2019
woman suffering from depression
While more and more of us are talking about mental health conditions and understanding and recognizing their symptoms these days, it’s still possible that we don’t always know when a person might be suffering from depression, and here’s why: Depression can manifest itself differently: Two individuals suffering from depression may experience totally different symptoms, and the severity can differ significantly, too. While one person may struggle to function on a day to day basis, wit

The Link Between Tiredness And Depression

Posted By: on December 17, 2019
tired and depressed woman
Experts state that it’s extremely rare for fatigue and general tiredness not to be one of the symptoms of depression, and most agree that the two go hand in hand; but why? How tiredness and depression are inextricably linked: Perhaps the most poignant link is the quality of sleep that the individual regularly gets. Research has shown that for the average adult to function normally, 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night are best, but even if someone with depression is getting this much sleep,

Moving On From An Abusive Relationship

Posted By: on December 10, 2019
female crying
An abusive relationship is not always one that involves physical violence, in fact, in many cases emotional abuse takes the worst toll. Relationships can be complex and often revolve around varying emotional needs. Individuals may remain in an abusive relationship for months, sometimes even years and tolerate unimaginable cruelty in the name of love or dependence. Breaking the cycle of abuse can be a very real challenge, and in more serious cases, can even be life threatening. However, t

The Stigma’s Gone – Seeking Help From A Therapist Does NOT Mean You’re Crazy

Posted By: on December 03, 2019
married couple with therapist
While for some there is still a (very) small degree of stigma surrounding mental health, if you had broke the news to a friend or colleague two decades ago that you were seeing a counselor or therapist, they might well think that if you weren’t already crazy, you were well on your way. They might have had visions of you lying down on a couch and sharing your deepest, darkest thoughts and feelings to a stranger in a white coat, while being prescribed handfuls of anti-psychotic drugs. Things ha

Should You Seek Treatment For Your Angry Outbursts?

Posted By: on November 26, 2019
angry woman
Do you suffer from sudden episodes of impulsive or explosive aggression? Do you sometimes react to situations in a manner which is out of proportion and out of character? Maybe you get yourself involved in incidents of road rage, domestic abuse or simply screaming at the people you love? If so, this is likely causing significant distress and upset to you and those around you, you might want to think about seeking professional help. Symptoms of intermittent explosive responses: You may

Does Your Child Have An Unhealthy Relationship With Food?

Posted By: on November 19, 2019
Child eating cereal
Eating disorders are becoming more and more common among kids and teenagers these days, and for a variety of different reasons. However, while some of these reasons may be the same ones that affected young people decades ago, it’s safe to say that a growing number of them are a consequence of the times. In an era of cyber bullying and social media pressures, some young people scrutinize their lives and are overly critical of every action they undertake. More of them are turning to, or away fr