Do You Argue Too Much With Your Significant Other?

Posted By: on April 30, 2019
husband and wife arguing
Are you ever worried that you and your significant other argue too much? Do you often escalate a small disagreement into a huge fight where you scream and yell mean things that you wish you could take back? Every couple has arguments with their significant other, but just because it is common to fight with a loved one, doesn’t mean that you have to stay in a roller coaster pattern of negative behavior and frustration. You are not alone if you want to see change in your relationship. Many co

Guarding Your Own Life: How to Be There for Someone When You’re Depressed Too

Posted By: on April 23, 2019
depressed man
For couples who both experience depression, it takes a great deal of self-awareness to keep the relationship healthy. The foundations of a good relationship - trust, boundaries, and communication - take on even more significance. For someone like me, who tends to absorb others’ emotions, having a partner with periods of depression makes it difficult to discern whether I’m experiencing my own depression or simply a reflection of his. Perhaps you can relate. When this would happen, I lost t

Self Love as Self-Care

Posted By: on April 16, 2019
woman looking into the sky
Over the last decade, the term “self-care” has been co-opted and used to sell luxurious products and services to “treat yourself” with. While these things feel good temporarily, they are no substitute for self-love, which cannot be bought and offers a lifetime of value. I consider self-love the deepest form of self-care, and a valuable means of finding the way to joy and fulfillment. Self-love is an elusive goal because it is as individual and unique as each one of us. There is no one

Why It Can Be so Hard to Ask for Help

Posted By: on April 14, 2019
person reaching out to help
If you’re checking out our website, you may be in the first stages of asking for help for the first time, which can be an incredibly difficult step to take. Counseling can make a huge difference in your quality of life, but taking the first step to finding a therapist can be one of the hardest things you’ll ever do. Why? #1 – Anxiety Can Be Crippling Anxiety is the most common type of mental illness in the United States, affecting roughly 40 million people. Depending on the type and seve

Healing Our Pasts: How Healing Childhood Wounds Helps Us Live Well Today

Posted By: on April 03, 2019
Embrace the child within and give them a big supportive hug for being so brave. The effects of childhood trauma can last long into adulthood if not addressed. Wounding can interfere with healthy relationships, rational thinking, and the decision-making processes in general. It can also be at the root of a myriad of mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, and even suicidal thoughts. When left unaddressed, it could significantly negative impact a person’s physical and mental h

The Power of Love: How Caring for Ourselves and Each Other Helps Us Heal

Posted By: on March 20, 2019
Self-love and the love for others is an incredible gift that knows no limits. The capacity to love one’s self and others is very freeing. Real change starts with you developing a deep appreciation for yourself just the way you are. When you’re able to look at yourself, even for a few moments, without criticism or judgment, you display the quality of compassion that is remarkably healing. And you can apply this to the people you meet and have relationships with throughout your lifetime. Why

Things to Do When You Feel Blue – Dealing With Mild Depression

Posted By: on March 06, 2019
Dealing with mild depression and its symptoms. Mild depression is often referred to as “feeling blue”. You may or may not know the source of your sadness, but are aware that it’s disrupting your life in one or more ways. You may feel more tired than usual or not want to do activities that you usually enjoy participating in. Problems concentrating may appear and you may wonder when you’ll ever feel joyful. You Are Not Alone Whatever symptoms you’re experiencing as a result of your

Help for Persistent Loneliness – How to get past feelings of desperation & despair

Posted By: on February 27, 2019
lonely person standing at wall
Persistent loneliness is hard to get past. It can be very troubling without intervention. You may feel yourself withdrawing even more because you feel lonely. It could leave you feeling sad, depressed, and hopeless. If you’re lonely but aren’t sure why, it’s time to come up with some answers that are reassuring and comforting. You don’t have to be alone in your journey. The licensed therapists at Heart-Centered Counseling provide a safe space for you to explore your feelings, work on yo

Learning to Accept Yourself Just as You Are

Posted By: on February 13, 2019
Feeling self accepted
Learning to accept yourself just as you are may be among the most difficult things to master in life. After all, we all have preconceived notions of what others expect from us that come early in life from teachers and parents. If you feel the pressure to constantly be more than who you are and feel you’re not enough, it’s time to learn all that you can about self-acceptance. Individual therapy can teach you how! What You Gain from Individual Therapy Sessions Individual therapy sessions hel

How Can Therapy Help Me?

Posted By: on January 23, 2019
depressed woman
Learn what counseling can do to improve your life, relationships, and view of the world. Therapy is an option that many people turn to when they want their lives and relationships to improve. They go to regular therapy sessions with a licensed therapist because they want to feel better about things that challenge them today. If you’re having a hard time moving forward with your life because of a childhood trauma, substance abuse problem, marital affair, mental health disorder, or for most any