City of Littleton, Colorado

City of Littleton, Colorado

city of Littleton CO in the winterThe Gold Rush of 1859 brought many people to Littleton, CO looking for gold, but farmers and merchants also settled in this community. Mr. Richard Sullivan Little was an engineer originally from New Hampshire. He worked his way West to work on irrigation systems. Mr. Little was joined by his wife, Angeline, in 1862. In 1867, the Littles, along with friends and neighbors built the “Rough and Ready Flour Mill”, which provided a basis for economic growth in the community.By 1880, the community grew to several hundred residents, and the townspeople incorporated the town of Littleton. This town is located in the center of Colorado, just 9 miles from Denver and about 55 miles from Colorado Springs. There are approximately 42,000 people living in 13 square miles of land. The average household income is approximately $55,000, and the average cost of a home is about $268,000.

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Littleton Historic District

Littleton Attractions

While you are visiting, be sure to visit the following places:

Western Welcome Week

This annual celebration dates back to the late 1920’s, and includes more than 40 events that benefit many local charities.

Candlelight Walk

This event is a long-loved tradition among residents. During the holidays, Main Street is illuminated with festive lights for all to enjoy.

Littleton Museum

Littleton center buildingThis free museum gives visitors a comparison view of the past and present Littleton, which it presents through photography and artifacts. There are three exhibit galleries; an interactive gallery for children, a lecture hall and a research center. A historical farm site sits on these 40 acres of land. Staff and gallery volunteers dress in period-appropriate attire, they run the blacksmith shop and teach in the small school house – basically, a display of living history is played out for visitors. At the nearby lake, children can watch birds and there are walking paths for all to enjoy. Located at, 6028 S. Gallup Street, stop by this museum for a great educational way to spend the afternoon with the family.

Breckenridge Brewery

Located at, 2920 Brewery Lane, this brewery offers daily tours for a reservation fee of just $3 ($1 of which is donated to rotating charities). Non-drinkers can enjoy this tour for free.
Hudson Gardens

This garden is located at, 2888 W. Maplewood Avenue, and it a great place to be enjoyed year-round. There are plenty of places to walk and simply sit quietly, enjoying the tranquility. In addition to offering a wonderful display of light during the holidays, the garden is transformed into a great outdoor venue for summer concerts. Prices for these events vary.

Littleton center building

Some notable people born and/or raised in Littleton, CO include:Several actors, such as Molly Burnett (Days of Our Lives), Cody Longo (Hollywood Heights), and Melissa Benoist (Glee and Supergirl) were born and/or raised in Littleton

Also, Dave Grusin, a famous pianist and composer, who has won an Academy Award and also several Grammy Awards.

Additionally, Matt Stone, an animator, writer, actor and the creator of the TV show, South Park. This show is loosely based on the city of Littleton. The editor of this show, Thomas M. Vogt is also from Littleton, CO.