Deborah Coyote

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Deborah Coyote

Deborah Coyote

Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate (MA, LPCC)

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When you meet with Deborah, you’ll feel her empathy, compassion and sense of curiosity. Together you’ll build a collaborative, therapeutic relationship to work on the issues you bring to each therapy session. As a team, you’ll discover the underlying reasons for those issues and then work toward resolving them so you can enjoy more energy and creativity in your life.

Deborah guides people struggling with a variety of challenges, including grief, depression, anxiety and trauma. She subscribes to analytical psychology which consists of making the unconscious, conscious. When appropriate, she uses clients’ dreams as a point of reference to understanding their current concerns, believing that dreams always tell us something new. She also may draw from modalities such as neurobiological theory of fragmented selves or structural disassociation.

With a Master’s degree in clinical mental health, Deborah has experience working with a wide variety of people from all walks of life, including clients of the Fort Collins Rescue Mission where she volunteers.