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Dena Beals

Dena Beals

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MA, LMFT)

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When you meet Dena, you’ll discover a therapist who offers a caring, non-judgmental attitude, one that’ll help you feel comfortable in her office. “I believe that we all come with baggage,” Dena shares, “and therapy is a place to help work through that baggage — both the struggles of the past and of the present.”

Dena offers a calm, safe environment; you’ll find yourself in a place where you feel accepted and nurtured. From here, you can do important healing work, and move toward a better life.

“My approach to helping clients reach their desired goals comes from what’s called a systemic model,” Dena explains. “I believe that we are all connected to each other and that these relationships are what shape us over time. If we can identify who we are, and who we want to become, in relationship to ourselves and others, then we can begin to change our world in a way that supports our healing and our happiness.”

Dena’s career has been spent with individuals, couples, and families She’ll work to help you understand where you come from, and help you get to where you want to go. Her primary goal as a therapist is to work alongside you and create understanding, all the while guiding you to a better life. Dena will give you the tools you need to achieve forward movement on your own long after your time together ends.

Dena looks forward to meeting with you, and supporting you in building the life you deserve.