Diana Foster

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Diana Foster

Diana Foster

Licensed Professional Counselor (M. Ed, LPE)

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Knowing that it is very difficult to tell your story to a stranger, Diana provides an atmosphere where you’ll feel safe, heard and accepted. She’ll be direct and use humor while in session, believing that we need to be able to laugh at ourselves to minimize the heaviness that we often feel. She’ll help you become aware of the power you have to change the issues that are negatively impacting your life, helping you arrive at a place where you no longer need her.

Diana partners with her clients as they become aware of empowered to overcome the negative patterns that are impacting their lives. She uses a variety of techniques, like active listening, CBT and DBT.

She received a Master’s in Education degree from Colorado State University, specializing in counseling. Community mental health centers, hospitals and jails are some of the settings in which Diana has helped people, giving her a broad and balanced platform of experience.