Elena Kronmiller

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Elena Kronmiller

Elena Kronmiller

Licensed Professional Counselor (MA, LPC)

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Elena invites you into a calm space where you can show up just as you are. Her patience, empathy and humor will help you feel comfortable. You’ll also feel heard and understood.

She helps people overcome issues such as depression, anxiety, and stress. Elena also has experience working with grieving children and adults, as well as people struggling with big life changes, like health-related issues, relationship changes, and external pressures and challenges.

Elena actively listens as she empowers her clientsby teaching them skills to recognize and manage thought patterns and body responses. She tailors her approach to therapy based on each client’s unique needs, using a combination of CBT, mindfulness-based therapy, person-centered, and strength-based therapy.

With a Master’s degree from the University of Denver in clinical mental health counseling, Elena has experience working in community mental health centers, as well as more specialized settings with grief, trauma, and life stage changes. She’s worked with people ages 3 through 93 and looks forward to working with you.