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Felicia Thomas

Felicia Thomas

Licensed Clinical Psychologist (PsyD, LCP)

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In Felicia’s empathetic presence, you’ll feel accepted, not judgment andsoothed. You’ll experience coordination and teamwork while together you navigate the path of your treatment. You’ll be encouraged to consider new behaviors, beliefs, perspectives, emotions, or ways of connecting with yourself and/or others.

When working with Felicia, you can expect to overcome hopelessness, trust issues, feelings and thoughts of being stuck, relationship difficulties, identity issues, and/or being unsure of how to help yourself currently and in the future. She’ll help expand your collection of tools (a.k.a. skills) to navigate the challenges of life and feel confident while doing so. Some of those tools might includerelaxation skills, thought challenging and reframing abilities, practicing self-care, helping people stay in the present moment (mindfulness), skills to manage emotions and tolerate stress, or communication skills to deepen connections, set boundaries, and/or meet your own needs.

Meeting clients where they’re at with their current presenting issue(s), Felicia uses a blend of modalities to conceptualize the problem, determine what is maintaining the problem, and develop treatment options. She’s client-centered and uses psychodynamic object relations, CBT, DBT, ACT, interpersonal process, and emotion focused therapy.

Felicia has a Master’s and Doctoratedegree in Clinical Psychology from Pacific University in Oregon. She’s provided therapy to individuals, couples, families, and groups ages 13 years+. She’s worked in community mental health as a case manager and as a therapist, and in a 90-day residential facility, treating perpetrators and victims of domestic violence, assessing and treating ADHD for adults, and completing WPATH readiness letters for individuals pursuing gender reassignment surgery and providing ongoing therapy. She’s also a sex positive provider (e.g., kink friendly, alternative relationship/non-monogamy friendly, gender identity, relationship identity, sexual identity, etc).