Jodi Alieksaites

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Jodi Alieksaites

Jodi Alieksaites

Licensed Professional Counselor (MA, LPC)

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Jodi brings a clear presence and relaxed acceptance to each of her clients.  Her approach is always to support a sense of empowerment and create a deep healing. Jodi’s focus is keen yet relaxed, creating an opportunity to engage quickly. She’ll help you build emotional intelligence and learn to live well in the life you have, all the while helping you build your best life.

Jodi has passion for working with clients needing support with major life transitions, stress, grief and loss, low self-esteem, parenting challenges, childhood behavioral concerns, spiritual exploration, existential concerns, and women’s issues.

Clinical Training, Experience, Certifications

Jodi received her Master’s degree in Contemplative Psychotherapy from Naropa University as well as completing a year-long Play Therapy training focused on somatic techniques that encourage emotional intelligence, self trust and attunement for both child and parent.  Jodi has also worked for many years in Hospice settings, end of life care and grief counseling.

In addition, her work has emphasized working with clients with Dementia and Alzheimer’s Type Dementia to process loss and attend to end of life developmental needs.  Educating families and the public about Dementia and client needs is a passion for her.  Jodi utilizes somatic-focused techniques informed by her studies in body-focused meditation and retreat practice, Five Element Theory, and Reiki Energy Healing which lend themselves greatly to her sense of presence, attunement to her client and compassionate care.

Jodi practices from the view that building emotional intelligence and embodiment is possible for everyone and this is the gateway to healthy presence and engagement with life.  The process of attuning to one’s own body and feelings allows a space to discover unhealthy patterns and move on to the life one wants to live.