Julie Darter

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Julie Darter

Julie Darter

Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate (MS, LPCC)

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When you meet Julie, you’ll immediately notice her welcoming and caring presence. She creates a warm environment with her empathy, patience, and sense of humor.

Julie has experience supporting people as they confront and move through issues such as relationship challenges, anxiety, depression, life changes, grief, personality issues and substance use disorders. Julie also works with individuals with autism.

Julie will meet you where you currently are emotionally and cognitively while gently challenging and kindly supporting you as you grow into to who you wish to be. She employs a combination of active listening, empathy, coping skills, education and other methods to assist you in transitioning unhealthy habits into more beneficial behaviors.

Julie employs a person centered approach, allowing your true self to guide the process. She employs Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques in her everyday work.

Julie earned an MS in counseling and is working toward licensure as a professional counselor.