Kelsey Morrow-Wright

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Kelsey Morrow-Wright

Kelsey Morrow-Wright

Licensed Social Worker (MSW, LSW)

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Kelsey’s primary goal in being your therapist is to gift you with the tools that empower you to reach your life’s goals. She’ll support you every step of the way. Kelsey is both gentle and warm, and in the safety of that space she’ll learn all about you and your life experience, as she meets you just where you are.

Together with Kelsey, you’ll gain insight and support into how to move from wherever you are today into the brightness of better tomorrow.

Kelsey works with adolescent and adult clients, on full range of issues, including but not limited to grief, depression anxiety, trauma, severe mental illnesses, addiction, and family system disfunction. One of the ways she’ll help is through mindfulness practice, recognizing the mental, physical, and emotional value of being present for all aspects of life, and gaining acceptance and control of your perspectives on life.

Kelsey graduated with her Master’s in Social Work from Simmons School of Social Work. Prior to graduating, she spent over a year practicing in internships, working in counseling and case management with homeless individuals, and working as a hospice social worker. These experiences gave her a new outlook on life and a broad perspective of individual experiences in society. Prior to finding her place in social work, Kelsey explored careers in journalism, nursing, and physical and occupational therapy. Kelsey feels confident she has found her place in the holistic approach of counseling and social work.