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Kendall Rice

Kendall Rice

Licensed Psychologist (Ph.D)

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“Life’s difficulties can be challenging,” Kendall shares. “You are sometimes asked to adapt to circumstances that are beyond your control or exceed your ability to cope well. Depression, anxiety, anger, relationship conflicts, trauma, loss, and grief can take away the person you used to be, and interfere with the person you want to be.”

“I understand that navigating these challenges on our own can often be confusing and problematic,” Kendall continues. “Not knowing how, or where to make change, you can sometimes create more hurt in your life. You might try and manage your pain by numbing your feelings with a life of perpetual business, or coping with food, alcohol, substances, or shopping. Maybe you find yourself in repeated patterns of toxic, unfulfilling relationships. Or maybe you try and manage your pain by isolating yourself from people, because your experience of interacting with the world has resulted in additional hurt and trauma.”

“I know it takes a lot of courage to engage in the process of change,” Kendall explains. “Addressing how we got to where we are can be scary and makes us feel vulnerable. Healing from past and present traumas and difficult relationships involves changing the present meaning of past experiences.”

“In therapy with me, you’ll experience a “laboratory” where you get to investigate your patterns and become more familiar with yourself on many levels. Exploring how thoughts, feelings, and actions interact and influence one another can provide positive outcomes and transformation, resulting in a fuller, more authentic life.”

“By learning to see yourself from different angles and in new ways, you allow more choices, decreasing emotional strain and reducing habitual patterns of simply reacting to situations. You gain control of your life.”

“My goal as your therapist is to create a deeply empathetic, gentle and supportive environment for you to better understand yourself, heal your traumas and resolve the challenges in your life.”

With over 20 years of experience as a therapist, Kendall brings a holistic approach to the therapeutic process by incorporating biological, psychological, social and spiritual aspects into therapy. Her approach synthesizes several evidence based methodologies, including EMDR, attachment-focused, trauma-informed, CBT, and solution-focused strategies. Kendall works collaboratively with her clients to help identify root issues and patterns in their lives that might be causing them to feel stuck, hopeless, or lost. Her goal is to focus on strength-based, practical approaches, while addressing real-life difficulties to rapidly produce the changes you would like to see.