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 Lauren Currans

Lauren Currans

Licensed Professional Counselor (MA, LPC)

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Lauren has a genuine interest in people and their stories. Her warmth and authenticity will help you feel safe, accepted, and understood as you share your story with her. Together you’ll work through issues that are important to you and toward accomplishing your goals. At the same time, you’ll gain more self-confidence and resiliency, and realize more peace and understanding of your overall mental health.

Lauren takes an integrative and trauma-centered approach in counseling, using techniques such as active listening, advocacy, mind/body exercises and EMDR—whatever combination seems best for each individual client.

She holds a Master of Arts degree in Counseling and has been licensed since 2003. In private practice, Lauren has worked with women who’ve experienced trauma, chronic health issues, and chronic pain, and people who’ve experienced domestic violence, grief and parenting challenges. She also has worked with individuals with mental illness and developmental disabilities. She’s an LGBTQ ally and has worked with parents of gender expansive children and teens.