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Lilla Jones

Lilla Jones

Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate (MA, LPCC)

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Lilla is passionate about creating a safe space for clients to explore any past, present, or future concerns. Issues such as depression, anxiety, or addictive behaviors can surface and take control of your life, making it feel impossible. Your marriage and relationships may encounter trials which can seem overwhelming. Sometimes, by ourselves, we’re simply unable to find the peace we want to experience. Lilla brings warmth, skill, and humor to the counseling relationship. Lilla believes that clients benefit from genuineness, acceptance, and empathy within the counseling room.

Lilla will help you increase your awareness of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Using a skillful balance of support and gentle confrontation, Lilla will help you overcome old patterns that keep you down, and help you embrace healthy alternatives. She’ll do this in a manner that honors your individual strengths.

Lilla works with people from a variety of backgrounds and prides herself on her ability to connect with each client’s unique needs. She seeks to honor both your story and journey within therapy and move towards positive change, growth, and healing. Lilla works with a variety of populations seeing children as young as 5 years old and adults as old as 100 and older! Whether you are experiencing anxiety, depression, addiction, or grief and loss, Lilla is honored to treat you with the dignity, care, and respect you deserve.

Lilla’s experience includes working with children, adults, and families with severe mental illness, terminal illness, and physical and emotional trauma. Lilla began her career as a grief counselor at a local hospice and has also worked in community mental health where she developed proficiency as a crisis counselor. Lilla specializes in the treatment of obsessive compulsive disorder and anxiety disorders and uses exposure therapies to help clients find relief from life limiting anxieties. Lilla uses a cognitive behavioral approach, coupled with other empirically supported treatments, when working with clients.

Lilla obtained her Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of Northern Colorado. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts from Colorado State University with an emphasis in Chemical and Biological sciences and a minor in Gerontology, she thought she wanted to be a veterinarian.