Lori Truetzschler-Davis

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Lori Truetzschler-Davis

Lori Truetzschler-Davis

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (APRN-FNP, PMHNP)

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Lori knows mental health is a scary topic, especially if you’ve received a new diagnosis. That’s why she’ll welcome you with openness, empathy and patience, and provide you with education to help you overcome your fears of psychiatric treatment. She’ll engage you in your treatment plan and meet you where you are, giving you time to process and accept your diagnosis if that’s what you need.

When she provides counseling, Lori leans toward talk therapy, CBT, and relational therapy.

Lori earned a BSN in 1997; a MSN with Board Certification as a FNP in 2016; and a post-graduate certificate in psychiatry with board certification as a PMHNP in 2020. A large portion of her professional career has been spent working with underserved populations in women’s health and psychiatry.