Maribeth Cooley

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Maribeth Cooley

Maribeth Cooley

Licensed Clinical Social Worker (MA, MSW, LCSW)

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When you meet with Maribeth, her gentle, compassionate and accepting manner will help you to relax and share your vulnerable feelings, needs, and experiences. You’ll feel cared for in an atmosphere of trust. Maribeth knows you want to feel better and she’ll work with you toward that goal. She’ll be very sensitive to your unique background, endeavoring to understand, accept, and respect your beliefs and values, including your ethnic, cultural, family, and religious community.

Maribeth provides mental health therapy services to adults who struggle with a wide range of issues, such as depression, anxiety and panic attacks, bipolar disorder, interpersonal issues, grief and loss, difficult life transitions, time management, social skills, dating, parenting issues, chronic pain, insomnia, end of life issues, stress management, disordered eating, anger management, aging, trauma and PTSD, boundary setting, sexual/physical/emotional abuse, OCD, self-esteem, and finding meaning and purpose in life. She recommends the best treatment modalities for her clients’ specific needs, while assisting them to identify, believe in, and access their many resources, skills, and strengths. She also collaborates with her clients to develop realistic treatment goals, monitoring their progress and making any necessary adjustments. She provides ongoing support and requests/values client feedback throughout the healing journey.

Maribeth has a considerable foundation of professional knowledge and training, in addition to many years of experience providing effective therapy services. She also continuously upgrades her knowledge and skill sets.